St. Louis’ Grinch Enjoys the Crack Cocaine

As we all know it’s a rough time out there for everyone, but the economy is hitting the crack heads the hardest. Find out what one Belleville woman sold to get herself a little taste right after the weather! It’s cold, rainy and totally sucks. Cool, one Belleville woman is behind bars tonight after selling her children’s Christmas gifts to purchase crack. Sheriff’s Capt. Steven Johnson said Bauers, the mother of two young sons, stole about $1,000 worth of toys and gifts that the children’s grandmother bought last week. [Read More]

Wentzville Police Debut New Drug Drop-off Box

Have some extra drugs you don’t need? Swing them by the Wentzville Police Department if you don’t want them. They have a drop box for that now. Time until 4 highschool kids beat the hell out of this thing with a bat to get at the expired woman’s fertility drugs inside? 6 hours. Removing expired or unused drugs from home medicine cabinets will help in combating prescription drug abuse, especially by adolescents, according to a release from the city. [Read More]

Home Explosion Sadly Meth, and Not Mad Scientist Related

A house exploded on Big Bend Station in Manchester Wednesday! I wonder what awesome project was being worked on in there…flubber? Creating a woman that will have sex with anyone? Maybe a transporter? …must be awesome though because they blew up the house and that mean crazy kid scientist that will walk out with soot all over his face and his hair spiked looking dazed, but totally fine. His parents will just look at him…”That’s our Jimmy! [Read More]

Some Dude Made His Meth in a Sonic

The manager of the Cape Girardeau Sonic has copped to the fact that he was cooking meth in his restaurant. The former manager of a Sonic restaurant in Cape Girardeau has pleaded guilty to attempting to manufacture methamphetamine at the restaurant. The Southeast Missourian reported that 27-year-old Dennie Bratcher also pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree burglary. Sentencing is March 16. Those Sonic’s are pretty small, so my first question is where exactly was he making his meth. [Read More]

Do Not Smoke the Fake Pot! Something is Wrong With the Fake Pot!

The Globe-Democrat has a message for all you little rich kids that have plenty of money but not enough to buy yourself big enough rocks to buy actual pot: A local doctor says young adults who smoke K2 or “fake weed” to achieve a similar high as received from smoking marijuana, may suffer serious reactions instead. K2 is a dried herb legally sold in at least four shops in the St. [Read More]
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Hey Look a Drug House!

Starting now, if you are arrested for selling drugs out of your home in Belleville, IL you will have a sign posted out in front of your house alerting the rest of the neighborhood…or letting the 14 year old white kid down the street know that he doesn’t have to buy his pot in the highschool parking lot after all. Belleville individuals who are arrested for selling drugs out of their home will now have signs posted near their residence to alert their neighbors, according to the Belleville Police Department. [Read More]

If You Never Got Your Package of Coke, Its at the Franklin County Assessor’s Office

You know that package with the baggie of cocaine you were expecting? Well it was accidentally delivered to the Franklin County Assessor’s Office. The Union Police Department was contacted Thursday afternoon after a mysterious powdery substance turned up at the Franklin County Assessor’s Office from a Pacific resident. The powdery substance turned out to be a controlled substance. This story gets better, because apparently the Assessor isn’t exactly hip to the jive. [Read More]

Blind Item: Infidelity and Baseball Played in the Snow?

Which Cardinal infielder switched positions and bed mates over the last year or two? We hear that this player has had lots of fun off the diamond without his wife and apparently isn’t at all shy talking about it. This same Cardinal also isn’t shy about the amount of time he and 2 of his young-ish Cardinal teammates play in the “snow”. Maybe all the testing is about ‘roids and not about the party drugs? [Read More]

Guy Breaks in to House, Covers Inside With Liquid Soap

Wait, what? A man who allegedly broke into a house because it was a place to smoke cocaine and “cool off” then spread liquid hand soap about the house before leaving, St. Louis County police said. Darion J. Ellis, 18, of Florissant, told police he poured the liquid soap throughout the house to clean up after himself, according to the police report. Weird huh? Don’t worry the police have it figured out. [Read More]

Officials Say Meth Use Falling, Not So Says Shirtless Guy With Holes In Teeth

According to a national study that was just released, the number of people older than 12 that use meth in this area fell 60% between 2006 and 2008. Not only that, but the number of people trying meth also dropped 60% as well. Alright! High-five cops! But law enforcement officials took little solace in the numbers. Awww. Um…great. Way to kill the mood. Now we are happy folk that see the good in these number, but maybe the cops just think that maybe meth heads were too busy to do the survey those years, or the meth death rates jumped up 60% those 2 years. [Read More]