K2 is Banned and KMOV Figures Out Capitalism

Its all over the blogs. That fake weed K2 has been banned in St. Charles apparently because for a second there, a child enjoyed himself in St. Charles and that crap just can’t keep happening. Besides the fact that the poor emo kids that are too pussy to buy real weed are now really sad and won’t stop watching their Twilight DVD, something else amazing happened! Channel 4, KMOV, learned a little bit about how America works. [Read More]

Do Not Smoke the Fake Pot! Something is Wrong With the Fake Pot!

The Globe-Democrat has a message for all you little rich kids that have plenty of money but not enough to buy yourself big enough rocks to buy actual pot: A local doctor says young adults who smoke K2 or “fake weed” to achieve a similar high as received from smoking marijuana, may suffer serious reactions instead. K2 is a dried herb legally sold in at least four shops in the St. [Read More]
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