Do Not Smoke the Fake Pot! Something is Wrong With the Fake Pot!

The Globe-Democrat has a message for all you little rich kids that have plenty of money but not enough to buy yourself big enough rocks to buy actual pot:

A local doctor says young adults who smoke K2 or “fake weed” to achieve a similar high as received from smoking marijuana, may suffer serious reactions instead.

K2 is a dried herb legally sold in at least four shops in the St. Louis area in three gram packages for $30 to anyone over the age of 18.

The herb comes in multiple flavors including green apple, summit, pineapple express and strawberry.

Employees who work at shops that carry K2 said it is intended to be burned as incense–but some are smoking the substance to get high.

Well, gosh.  Who would smoke this?  Clearly no one is trying to get little wanna-be pot-heads to smoke this with perfectly benign names like Pineapple Express.  What?  Oh.  I’ve just been told Pineapple Express is a movie about pot.  I stand corrected.

What do the kids think?

One girl from Fort Zumwalt South High School said a lot of students at her school smoke K2 because they are on probation and can’t smoke marijuana.

“It does say not for consumption on the package and that makes me kind of wonder what’s in it,” she said. “But if you don’t smoke more than what’s in the bag you’re fine.”

She added K2 is popular among teens because it is legal and doesn’t show up in drug tests.

Her friend laughed and agreed.

“I can pass a drug test now for once in my life,” he said.

Awesome.  We look forward to being mugged by him in a few years.

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