High School Summer Camp “Pranked” With Pot Brownies

A summer band camp in O’Fallon, IL is being investigated after a complaint that marijuana-laced brownies were given out as a prank. To us, this “prank” sounds like a way to waste your pot on a bunch of band geeks, but maybe there’s one of those overly hot ones these guys really wanted to see if they could get her high and…have her blow your woodwinds if you get what we’re putting down. [Read More]

Kyle Turley on Weed: “That Would be the One Bob.”

A recent Washington University School of Medicine study discussed the use, or rather misuse, of painkillers by current and former NFL players. The study, commissioned by ESPN’s Outside the Lines, found that 52 percent of former players used prescription pain meds during their active days, and 15 percent of that group admitted to misusing drugs in the last month. “That’s a very large number in a population that, at that age, we wouldn’t expect to see much use of these substances at all,” Compton said. [Read More]

Moms Like Me? Over 30% Smoke Weed!

KSDK’s MomsLikeMe.com loves them some polls, and for the first time, it’s an interesting one: Do you smoke weed? Ah, of course, the majority don’t…but not quite the majority one might assume. Over 30% are toking it after putting junior on the buss! …well we hope they wait that long. We fear that some may not. Don’t want to point any fingers here, but the mom two driveways down. You know. [Read More]

St. Charles County’s Last Dance with Mary Jane

St. Charles County voters voted down not one but two medial marijuana proposals even after Cottleville, MO mayor Don Yarber pushed for the bills because of his own wife’s success with medial marijuana. Apparently St. Chuck voters think Mrs Yarber is nothing more than a pothead. At least that’s the clear sentiment from one voter interview after leaving the polls by KSDK: Ladonna Johnson, said she voted “no” on the initiative, saying there are better ways to solve medical problems than with marijuana. [Read More]

Do Not Smoke the Fake Pot! Something is Wrong With the Fake Pot!

The Globe-Democrat has a message for all you little rich kids that have plenty of money but not enough to buy yourself big enough rocks to buy actual pot: A local doctor says young adults who smoke K2 or “fake weed” to achieve a similar high as received from smoking marijuana, may suffer serious reactions instead. K2 is a dried herb legally sold in at least four shops in the St. [Read More]
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