The Many Model Faces of Karlie Kloss

St. Louis-area native, possible Sam Bradford girlfriend, and budding super model Karlie Kloss walked the runway in the Victorias Secret fashion show last night…as a sexy native america indian. Ok, yeah…sure…why not?! They don’t all have to look all mopey and square-jawed like this, while not as helpful against the cold conditions while living in an animal hide supported by sticks, there’s no reason some indians can’t look all small-boobed and sexy and with overly large headdresses like this. [Read More]

Missouri’s Ellie Kemper (Erin from The Office) Got Married

No these aren’t shots of a weird scene from The Office where the Erin marries Dwight, this is real. The Office and Bridesmaid star, as well as Missouri native, Ellie Kemper got married last weekend to her dorky looking husband seen above. Thats right guys, we all could have gotten down with that because if that guy can do it you’re chances would have been just as good. Seriously, have you ever seen a head more perfect for a swirlie? [Read More]

Craig Cornett Died

Craig Cornett, the former morning show host on St. Louis’s 93.7 The Bull who disappeared from the public eye after being let go from the station and getting in to trouble with the law early last year, was found dead Tuesday in his Jonesboro, Arkansas home. Police say Cornett was found sitting upright in a chair. His ex-wife said she thought he was asleep, but when she tried to wake him she noticed he was cold to the touch, he was not breathing, and his feet were purple. [Read More]

David Freese Had to Go Shopping Yesterday with ESPN’s Erin Andrews

@dfreese23: Bag didn’t make my connector to Nashville. I wonder if I can get by presenting with @ErinAndrews in Nike sweatpants and a hoodie?!?! #cmas @ErinAndrews: @dfreese23 are we going shopping this afternoon? #mvpproblems @dfreese23: @ErinAndrews I don’t know how to shop. I think so. #guyproblems It all turned out ok though, as by presenting time Freese had some respectable clothes on (He’s the one on the right, not the other one with disproportionately skinny arms to her thicker legs)…though he couldn’t find a tie apparently. [Read More]

And the Best Post-World Series Photo is…

…this photo of Tony La Russa trying to put on a Sam Bradford jersey before the Rams took on the Saints! We’re not sure if TLR was going for a a Edmonds-style half-shirt thing here, or after being in baseball for so long he’s completely incapable of putting on a jersey that doesn’t button down the front. Update: Woah! …and Tony just retired. Wow. Apparently that jersey was really a bitch to take off too. [Read More]

Jon Hamm Thinks St. Louis Kinda Sucks

Ok, so Jon Hamm didn’t actually say the words “St. Louis kinda sucks.” on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast but he did say… It’s a good town to be from and a good place to be a kid…but it’s very much a place where when you grow up you either work for your dad or you leave town. There’s not a lot of innovation happening in St. Louis. For whatever reason, I always wanted to get out of that place. [Read More]

Lil Wayne Busted His Head at a St. Louis Skate Park Last Night

Lil Wayne played the St. Louis portion of his tour last night and according to his Twitter, he took off for a local skate park right after the show, which is actually pretty damn cool. He’s not very good though, and busted the hell out of his head proving once again that dreads and metal teeth aren’t as protective as they might appear. The important part of all of this is that he “luvs” us…granted he hit his head pretty hard so that might have been a factor, but we’ll take it! [Read More]

Sound Familiar? Kings of Leon Leave Dallas Concert Early

Poopstock making a stop in Dallas? Not quite, but Dallas was treated to another classic performance by St. Louis’ favorite shitty band, Kings of Leon! Kings of Leon cut short a concert in Dallas last night, when frontman Caleb Followill suddenly told the audience his voice was “100% wrong” and that he felt too hot as temperatures reached the 90s. In a rambling speech, he said he would go backstage to vomit and drink a beer, then return to play three more songs. [Read More]

The Enquirer Says Jon Hamm is Headed Towards Rehab

The Enquirer, bastion of all that is good in the world of reporting…you know this sentence started out as a joke, but half way through we thought “How much worse are they really than the cable news channels?” Good point inner monologue! We’re running with this story about St. Louisan Jon Hamm for sure then! Friends of Jon Hamm fear that he is taking after his hard-drinking TV character Don Draper – and if he doesn’t back off the bottle, he could land in rehab. [Read More]