Tony LaRussa’s Wife Loves Machine Head

It’s true! As reported by Deadspin yesterday, Elaine LaRussa, wife of former Cardinal skipper Tony LaRussa, is a huge metal head. This is so awesome we might cry. Deadspin retold the tail from Robb Flynn, the lead singer of metal band Machine Head, where Elaine accosted him in a Whole Foods: Flash back to about a year and a half ago… I’m walking through Whole Foods in Walnut Creek talking on the phone to my friend Tom when a lady and her daughter approach me wide-eyed. [Read More]

Tonight: Kyle Turley at Blueberry Hill

Need something to do tonight? Want to show your friends how brave you are? Well come on down to the Loop (No, not the “shooty” side of The Loop, the other side!) and hang with ex-Ram, current Drew Brees fan club president and friend of the site Kyle Turley. Here’s the scoop from Gridiron Records: Kyle makes his return to St. Louis after opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd at The Family Arena last June. [Read More]

Sound Familiar? Kings of Leon Leave Dallas Concert Early

Poopstock making a stop in Dallas? Not quite, but Dallas was treated to another classic performance by St. Louis’ favorite shitty band, Kings of Leon! Kings of Leon cut short a concert in Dallas last night, when frontman Caleb Followill suddenly told the audience his voice was “100% wrong” and that he felt too hot as temperatures reached the 90s. In a rambling speech, he said he would go backstage to vomit and drink a beer, then return to play three more songs. [Read More]

Rain Washes Away Sunday Concerts at Fair St. Louis

We aren’t just “America” here in St. Louis, we’re Middle America, the “Heartland”, right in the center! If someone would to motorboat lady America’s giant boobs, their nose would be rubbing St. Louis. As such, we love the Fourth of July and all the crap that comes with it: funnel cakes, tank tops, cut off jean shorts, washed up 90s bands playing loudly, and fireworks. Oh and if you think our patriotism is as fleeting as our love/hate relationship with Cardinal relief pitchers, it’s not! [Read More]

In Tall Buildings at The Firebird

Last Friday, the 22nd, while the rest of you were cowering in your homes because thunder is scary, our intrepid man about town, The Paparazzo, took in a show at The Firebird. The show featured the Chicago-based band “In Tall Buildings”, but our guy says the whole show was great. You can see the full photo spread on The Paparazzo’s flickr set, and as for the headliners, you can download two free songs (which are both pretty great). [Read More]

Awesome St. Louis Drummer is Awesome

Justin Bess is a drummer for local metal band Aegaeon, which we think is pronounced “never-heard-of-you”, but we love this video of Bess killing it on the drums. Check out Aegaeon’s band page for more videos, a distinct lack of Bess as their drummer, and photos of them looking like they’re unhappy someone is taking their photo. Standing still for a second is so not metal. Update: Here are their more updated Facebook and Twitter pages (the photo thing still applies in both cases). [Read More]

10 Questions For Local Rapper Corle 2 Da

We haven’t done one of our ever so popular 10 question interviews in a while so it’s way past time for that to return and we can’t think of a better person to bring it back with than local rapper Corle 2 Da. Yes, that Corle 2 Da. The very one we (in)famously took a few shots at, and who later dropped us a line to let us know that he can take a joke, which is awesome! [Read More]

Rapper Pissed ESPN Used His Song No One’s Heard of on Their National Broadcast

First, before we get to the meat of this little ordeal, we want you to know that KSDK brought us this story from Frank Wiley reporting live from downtown St. Louis last night. Why? No clue. None of this had anything to do with downtown St. Louis. Maybe Frank had to smoke or fart or something so he took his work outside. It added nothing to the story of a local rapper suing ESPN, but maybe if you hit your head really really hard or take a day and drink nothing by antifreeze it might make more sense. [Read More]

The Kyle Turley Band at Old Rock House This Sunday

Friend-of-the-site, former St. Louis Ram and current country music artist, Kyle Turley will be making a stop in St. Louis Sunday to play at the Old Rock House after two of his former teams go at it in the Edward Jones Dome, which by the way is officially no longer the worst NFL dome, so big congrats there for the Rams! Congrats are also in order for the Kyle Turley Band as rumor has it that our editor will be out at the show personally taking some photos and giving out stickers. [Read More]