5 On Your Side Has Full Blown Ads

Three quick questions, dear readers: When did KSDK decide to start calling themselves “5 On Your Side”? Was “5 Why Do We Exist Outside of Jeopardy Syndication” even considered?! Was it the same time that they just gave up on their website? Anything big happen since we stopped posting regularly? No globally attention-getting race wars or anything? Oh, good. I was worried the place went to hell since we left. [Read More]
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KSDK Announces New “Dancing With the Stars” Cast, Just Uses Any Old Black Guy For DL Hughley

Update: The slideshow has since been fixed by KSDK, and you’re welcome DL Hughley! Original post follow… Is this DL Hughley? Anyone? Eh, close enough. I remembered he was black…and a comedian…how many of them can there be? Good try KSDK, but a whiff for sure. One might ask: “Why the hell is local news channel KSDK making incorrect slide shows concerning the cast of a long-running national reality show that airs on a different local affiliate? [Read More]

So Much Snow!

Attention St. Louis: The two local news organizations (who also run the news on the other two stations), would like to use this Tuesday night as a “do over” night. See the extra snow kinda took everyone by surprise, including our local news folks and they really really really feel horrible about not getting to spend a whole night going on and on about all the snow and how it will change everything. [Read More]
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Once Again in the Absence of Anything to Talk About, Local News Points the Camera at Grass

What do local news reporters turn to when they need a story, but nothing’s going on in our fair city? Time and time again, they turn to grass. No, that’s not even being used as a term for marijuana…the horrible truth is we’re actually talking about grass. A news story about grass. Seriously. Again. You local news people are horrible. Can’t imagine why everyone but old and retarded people think your broadcasts suck. [Read More]

KSDK Found Shorts For the Cardinal Game Streaker (Updated)

Update: The is word that it wasn’t Photoshopped, but he was brought the shorts from the stands. The videos don’t show that however. Apologies to KSDK. Original post follows because we just can’t let that Pirate Pants thing we made go to waste. Everyone is all over the Cardinals streaker story this morning because some guy running around with his junk out is widely entertaining during a Cardinals game and a captive audience, but not funny at all when we do it at the mall or at a Pee Wee Football game. [Read More]

KSDK’s Julie Tristan Got Some Attention For Her David Freese “Interview”

Julie Tristan, of KSDK and previously of 101 The River fame, got a little attention over the weekend after sports blog Deadspin took shots at her David Freese interview. Essentially, Deadspin used the piece in which Tristan rides Six Flags’ “Mr. Freeze” ride with the Cardinal third baseman and playfully hits on him with her friend, as an example of what is wrong with all local new media. Here’s a link to the KSDK video in question. [Read More]

KSDK Sports 2012 Looks Like the Worst Game Ever

Five random thoughts after watching one of the weirdest local news commercial St. Louis has seen (and it’s seen some insanely weird ones): 1. Are my only choices for my lineup Katie Felts, Rene Knott, and Frank Cusumano? We’d love a “Create-an-Anchor-That-Can-Pronounce-Names-Correctly” Feature! Eh who are we kidding, we’d take all the fun out of the game by maxing all the attributes to 100, making a over-sized linebacker of a sports reporter who will just run over people…just like KMOV did. [Read More]

KSDK Thinks It’s On Cable, Goes Pretty Much All News

Though calling this a “Hot Topic” seems a little strong, local NBC affiliate KSDK has announced their move to kill all the fun of day-time reruns and instead bring us nearly a full day of news and “news-like” programming for a city that pretty much only has the Cardinals, the Rams, murders, and tornados to cover. It seems pretty clear that the sheer amount of murders to cover in a given day necessitated the new-centric schedule, but we’ll let them tell you about all the great people they have. [Read More]
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OMG, KSDK’s Kay Quinn Was Hacked!

You guys stay sharp out there, a hacker is on the loose! Just ask KDSK (channel 5)’s Kay Quinn, who was recently “hacked”. It seems I’ve been hacked. Sorry if you got the inappropriate message being send from an old account. Be sure you DON’T click on it. People always like to lay their lack of basic computer knowledge on a “hacker” since that way they are stupid, it was a hacker that clearly must have picked them out of the billions on the planet and targeted them. [Read More]

KSDK’s Ann Rubin Isn’t Fazed By Traffic Accidents

Ann Rubin of KSDK lost her shiz just a little bit last night on the news when a fender bender happened behind her, just off camera. She made a little gasp, finished her sentence and then explained the situation before throwing it back to Kay Quinn who didn’t even ask if everyone was alright…what the hell Kay?! Everyone died. Are you happy now you didn’t wasted the time to ask? Feel good about yourself? [Read More]