So Much Snow!

So Much Snow!

Attention St. Louis:

The two local news organizations (who also run the news on the other two stations), would like to use this Tuesday night as a “do over” night. See the extra snow kinda took everyone by surprise, including our local news folks and they really really really feel horrible about not getting to spend a whole night going on and on about all the snow and how it will change everything.


School closings!

Reporters doing outside live shots because you don’t believe it’s snowy unless someone it outside standing in it wearing a stylish news windbreaker!

Lots of multi-colored weather maps with long pointless explanations about why the snow is probably, going to, might end up, coming!

Anyway, so…how’s Tuesday sound? Do you all have a favorite show on Tuesdays, because ideally they’d like to preempt it. Maybe cut it right at the end of the show, to tell you the same thing they told you over the last commercial break, which was essentially: “It might snow tomorrow.”

We know this sounds like a total pain to let the local news get this do-over, but it would really mean a lot to them…and between us…they don’t have much going for them these days. The whole “you paid for it/it cost how much?/politicians are de craziest peoples” thing is really starting to wear thin, plus they’re really scared you might find out that you can get sports from ESPN (or your phone), national news from CNN/Fox/MSN (or your phone) and the weather from your window (or your phone). If that happens, they know its all over real quick, and they want to at least get a few more years in before the current crop of old people move on and they have to all get new jobs as salesmen or people that call themselves writers on Facebook.


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