So Much Snow!

Attention St. Louis: The two local news organizations (who also run the news on the other two stations), would like to use this Tuesday night as a “do over” night. See the extra snow kinda took everyone by surprise, including our local news folks and they really really really feel horrible about not getting to spend a whole night going on and on about all the snow and how it will change everything. [Read More]
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KMOV’s Matt Sczesny Got Beat Up

KMOV (Channel 4) reporter Matt Sczesny and it wasn’t by someone who got overly frustrated after trying to spell Sczesny’s name phonetically like you’d imagine. Turns out it was just some guy who wandered over while they were on a story. Sczesny was in Alorton standing outside a KMOV truck when a man walked up to him and asked if he could ask him a question. Sczesny said sure, and the man punched him, according to Sean McLaughlin, KMOV’s executive news director. [Read More]

KMOV to Add Sharon Reed as News Anchor

We’re no fans of the local news, but we’ve got to hand it to KMOV, they know how to collect attractive female anchors. Virginia Kerr, Jasmine Huda, and Clair Kellet are a good start, but St. Louis, welcome the newest contestent in the “hot reporter” ring. One who comes with an interesting past, so we’re hoping for an interesting future in St. Louis: Sharon Reed. We got word late last night, and confirmed by Aaron Hooks (@athooks) on Twitter, that Reed will be the new KMOV anchor, replacing the departing Vickie Newton. [Read More]

KMOV Reporter Watches Grass Grow in O’Fallon

KMOV’s Brian Feldman, digging deep: The current ordinance says on lots less than two acres, grass cannot exceed eight inches. But on some commercial lots, it may be getting longer than that. The city council of O’Fallon is going to take a look at making the restrictions much tighter. In our mind’s eye, Feldman did this interview while wearing one of those little brown fedoras with a press pass tucked in to the band while scribbling away on a little note pad. [Read More]

KMOV’s Great Day in St. Louis Made a LipDub

Friday afternoon we got this via Twitter:

What’s this? KMOV’s Great Day in St. Louis is sending us video links now? What could it be? They said they had fun making it, so it couldn’t be a link to one of their local news broadcasts as no one has fun reading off St. Louis’ nightly murder list. We were really hoping it was going to be grainy night-vision footage of Kent Ehrhardt leaving a bag of flaming poo on Dave Murray’s doorstep, but after we clicked it turned out to be a “lipdub”…kinda.

Here it is:

No one really mouths along to all the words, and it’s not the full song, but it’s close enough and we’re suckers for posting lipdubs. Ok, we’ll take the bait. Lets break this thing down!

It’s your basic “do crazy stuff in the office” deal with a peppy song. It’s weird, but we’ll give them points for doing it and hopefully the other local news stations won’t follow. Maybe KTVI (Fox) could pull it off if was just April Simpson, but KSDK (NBC) won’t be able to since Mike Bush is way to serious, Cusumano would be worried about his hair falling off the whole time, and Leisa Zigman‘s nose isn’t safe being around all those waving arms.

As for the lipdub at hand, what we have here is four groups cut together with varying degrees of “giving a crap”:

1. The behind the scenes staff. — This was probably their idea since they are way more in to it that most of the other groups. Their’s even choreography with the rolling chair deal, and props like the mustaches and wigs.

2. The morning news anchors — In to it, definitely dancing around, but not enough that their going to do anything than jump around in their little gas station outfits (What’s that about? …never mind, we don’t want to know.) and serve as black and white b-roll.

3. Virginia Kerr — …who is really really really in to this. If she could just do this for her job, we’re pretty sure she would. Actually, she kinda does do this for her job, it’s just the background music is turned up and she gets to wear a silver wig this time.

4. The evening news anchors — They could not want to be less involved in this. Three of them just did a little “smile and wink” appearance to be good sports (Connors, Ehrhardt, and Savard), but the leader of the “get away from me, don’t you know I’m on the local evening news!” Patrol was Jasmine Huda, who couldn’t even put the phone down to deliver her best “leave me alone” smile and wave.

…which brings us to the animated gifs we pulled from this (click the more link to see them and read the rest).

[Read More]

KMOV Wants You To Know They Don’t Believe This Story Either

Update: Via the comments we have learned that KMOV has since edited out the line in question below. You’re welcome journalism. Original post follows… Belleville police are working through the details of a bizarre situation when two young guys pulled off the road to a gas station because a car was following them and driving erratically. They feared for their safety and possibly rightly so, as shortly after they pulled over the 38 year old following them, got out of his car, reached in their car to grab them. [Read More]

KMOV Keeps Us All Updated on What Passes For News in Wildwood

A teenage girl sneaks her boyfriend in to her house only to be caught by her mom the next day! We’ll tell you about that unbelievable, totally newsworthy item, plus 21 minutes devoted to weather and a five min sportscast consisting of “Remember a little while ago when the Cardinals won the World Series? …that was awesome.” all coming up next on KMOV Channel 4 News! News 4 Never Stops Watching Out For You…but today watching out for you was crazy boring. [Read More]

Just One? Oh KMOV, You’re Just Not Looking Hard Enough!

We noticed this headline last night on, but after a second we realized we always notice this headline on  Think of the time it saves to just always have this same headline on the home page! If someone calls you on it you’re only wrong for a max of like 30 minutes. It’s brilliant.

Summing Up the Weekend

Cardinals, Cardinals, Cardinals! From Squirrels to dancing on a broken Ryan Howard, to a defeat by the Brewers, this weekend was all Cardinals, all the time. Even we succumbed to the fever by live-blogging the NLDS Game 5 and NLCS Game 1. We didn’t go all in and paint our face like a giant red Cardinals baseball, like this guy, but we just decided to wear our red Cardinals hat instead of our stupid green one. [Read More]