KMOV Keeps Us All Updated on What Passes For News in Wildwood

A teenage girl sneaks her boyfriend in to her house only to be caught by her mom the next day! We’ll tell you about that unbelievable, totally newsworthy item, plus 21 minutes devoted to weather and a five min sportscast consisting of “Remember a little while ago when the Cardinals won the World Series? …that was awesome.” all coming up next on KMOV Channel 4 News! News 4 Never Stops Watching Out For You…but today watching out for you was crazy boring. [Read More]

Wildwood Man Gets Caught Using Fake Dick to Pass Drug Test

Here’s what we learned today: Drug test forging or “possession of a forging instrumentality” are felonies. In more layman’s terms, trying to get past your court mandated drug-checking urine test by purchasing a fake penis filled with fake piss can get you in a lot of trouble. According to paperwork filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court, Eric A. Throckmorton, 29, of the 16200 block of Port of Nantucket in the Grover area of Wildwood, was charged earlier this month with one count each of forgery and possession of a forging instrumentality. [Read More]

Nelly Robbed! Black Guy in Hooded Sweatshirt Crime Spree Continues

We took a little unscheduled break on Friday, and apparently we can’t ever do that again as the minute our guard was down Nelly got robbed! Police said Nelly, who’s real name is Cornell Haynes, Jr., was not home at the time, but three other people were there. The suspect grabbed a backpack full of electronics and was confronted by someone inside the home. The robber left the home with the backpack and got into a black GMC Envoy. [Read More]