KMOV Keeps Us All Updated on What Passes For News in Wildwood

KMOV Keeps Us All Updated on What Passes For News in Wildwood

A teenage girl sneaks her boyfriend in to her house only to be caught by her mom the next day! We’ll tell you about that unbelievable, totally newsworthy item, plus 21 minutes devoted to weather and a five min sportscast consisting of “Remember a little while ago when the Cardinals won the World Series? …that was awesome.” all coming up next on KMOV Channel 4 News!

News 4 Never Stops Watching Out For You…but today watching out for you was crazy boring. So if you want something better on tomorrow night’s news, do us a favor and shoot someone, get busted for something or do something up-lifting like get real fat and then run a marathon for kittens. Otherwise, reporting Dawson’s Creek story-lines as news is the best you’re gonna get.

The new slogan feels a tad long, but we’re loving the honesty.

Officer Rick Eckhard with the St. Louis County Police Department said the incident happened in the 17,000 block of Windsor Crest Boulevard.  According to reports, the mother went into the daughter’s room to retrieve a hamper from a closet.  When the mother opened the closet doors, a young man was inside.

Officer Eckhard said the boy had been at the home overnight and was hiding in the closet.  The daughter had already left for school.  Police arrived on the scene and arrested the young man.  The boy’s age is unknown and there is no word if he will be charged with anything.

Um…ok. Our guess is that was a 25% chance of a high-five going down in that squad car after they turned the corner and a 87% chance of giggling while the officer filled out the report. Other than that, there’s not much else going on here. What are we supposed to do with this?! Is there nothing else going on in this city!?!?

We hate for you to have to leave early though, so just stare at this until you think you’ve used up enough time on the site for today:

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