Jermaine Johnson is Probably The Worst Boyfriend Of All Time

Jermaine Johnson is Probably The Worst Boyfriend Of All Time

Jermaine Johnson is really bad at relationships and we have no idea if eharmony scores go in to the negative ranges (or even if they have scores) but if anyone could do it, it’s Jermaine.

Jermaine was charged today on four new counts of felony, but we’ll get to that in a second. First here’s what he’s already done. The short version is: He broke in to his girlfriend’s house, poured lighter fluid on her and threatened to light a match while he raped her.

Johnson poured barbecue starter fluid on the woman, 38, and threatened her with a fireplace lighter throughout the attack, which lasted for several hours, according to court documents.

She told police Johnson choked her, raped her and broke the screens on her computer monitor and flat screen television during the attack. He also physically restrained her and threatened her, preventing her from leaving, according to court documents.

So what about those four new felony counts from today? Well the thing is, it might be worse than the “raping a chick while threatening to light her on fire”. Not possible you say? Well…

Jermaine Johnson, 26, of the 400 block of Meacham, was charged Monday in St. Louis Circuit Court on four counts of the felony. According to charges, Johnson never told a woman that he was intimate with between January 2009 to December 2011 that he was HIV positive, even though state health records show that he knew as early as 2006.

You are one huge piece of shit Jermaine.

All told Jermaine has netted himself countless felony charges, but maybe his biggest crime was simply loving too much. …the story didn’t say what exactly he loved too much though…oh wait, here it is: rape.

Anyway, long story short, Jermaine is currently single! If you’re one of those ladies that wants to change her troubled man this is pretty much the Everest of that kind of thing, and since he’s currently at large, (Oh did we forget to mention that this AIDS-carrying rapist is running free?) you’ve still got a chance. He probably just needs to be loved…really loved. We’d avoid romantic dinners by the fire though…or any and all sexual contact.

[Editor’s Note: Jermaine Jackson pictured above because that’s the only other Jermaine we are aware of.]

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