The New Arch Grounds Plan Reminds Us of Something Dirty

The New Arch Grounds Plan Reminds Us of Something Dirty

The plans for the new Arch grounds are starting to take shape by the releasing of design photos, and explanations about how the new work will change the downtown layout. NextSTL has it covered:

Not a single local media story, not KSDK, not St. Louis Public Radio, not the Post-Dispatch, not the Beacon, no one included the detail that if the presented plan comes to fruition that Pine Street will no longer connect the city with the Arch grounds. […] With Pine Street gone, visitors will find yet another dead end as they attempt to navigate their way to the Arch. The distance between accessible crossings (Washington Avenue to Chestnut Street) will reach more than 1,500 feet.

Good point. That’s definitely something that should be discussed more, and we would have totally put some crazy hard-core thought in to that except the picture of the Arch grounds design (above) caught our attention. What was it about this design that reminded of something? …it just has a certain feel to it. A work of art by chance? No, well maybe. It just seems so inviting yet occasionally unattainable, so familiar yet mysterious. Like it would be awesome to visit, and we’d totally love to play here longer but we gotta bust and run any second now…well we’ve been drinking so maybe I can stay a little longer lets just take it slow. Ah of course!

The Arch grounds are a big ole vagina.

…but there’s still a little bit we can’t seem to place…

…and there you go! Duh.

via NextSTL