Woman Tricks Cops, Steals Their Wallet to Buy Smokes and Lottery Tickets

Woman Tricks Cops, Steals Their Wallet to Buy Smokes and Lottery Tickets

In what had to have been one of the most embarrassing police reports filed in at least the last few years, two St. Louis officiers detailed how they were conned, robbed and then duped again by a 25-year old woman named Tonia.

Tonia Rene Hart, 25, of the 5400 block of Blow Street, told police that her boyfriend had stolen her keys after an argument. The officers drove Hart to her boyfriend’s home, two blocks away, and left her in the cruiser while they went inside. They found no keys.

Police learned from Hart’s receipts that she had used a bank card belonging to one of the officers. It had been stolen, they determined, along with another bank card and $50, from the officer’s police bag while they were inside the boyfriend’s home investigating her call for help.

So then you shouldn’t leave strange women in your police cruiser then with all your valuables and guns laying around? Lets just be happy she only wanted the ATM card. Isn’t the second major usage of a police car to hold and transfer bad people? Why would you just leave your stuff laying around? We hope this cop mentions this story to someone that has had their car stolen downtown so that they can give him the old STLPD standard “Well you really shouldn’t have left your stuff on the seat.” speech as if that somehow makes it your fault some meth head smashed your window with a brick.

Oh, wait. Maybe the officer told Tonia she could take his debit card, bail out of the cruiser and  run to the gas station for a gas/cigs/lotto refill.

“I did not authorize the defendant to take my wallet and authorized no purchases,” the officer wrote in the probable cause statement.

Gotcha. We were wondering why you’d write a report on something you said was cool, so thanks for making that clear.

To give the cops a little slack, it is clear that Tonia is a criminal mastermind, as she managed to escape her capture, making the cops chase her a second time. She’s clearly well on her way to “Arch Villan” status now. She just needs to scrape a costume together and think of a more menacing name than “Tonia”. Something horribly vile and yet worthy of building an evil brand-awareness campaign behind, but understated enough to not be too over the top. May we suggest Ashlee, with an extra e’s instead of the “y”

via STLToday and the Tip Line