The New Arch Grounds Plan Reminds Us of Something Dirty

The plans for the new Arch grounds are starting to take shape by the releasing of design photos, and explanations about how the new work will change the downtown layout. NextSTL has it covered: Not a single local media story, not KSDK, not St. Louis Public Radio, not the Post-Dispatch, not the Beacon, no one included the detail that if the presented plan comes to fruition that Pine Street will no longer connect the city with the Arch grounds. [Read More]

Links: Because We Were Writing a Long Post All Night

Here are a few links form around the Lou-net: JoeSportsFan found a common thread for every headline about the new American League Cy Young, and no it they don’t all begin with “Who?!” The Short Buzz found that video of me and my two friends performing in our “Hot Sunday” cover band. The Beautiful Kind profiles porn-star Buck Angel. Its really not safe for work, but if it is for you are you hiring? [Read More]