Crazy Wright City Man Fake Booby Traps His Truck, Ends Up in Real Jail

A Wright City, Missouri man got himself in to some trouble over the weekend after he appeared to booby trap his truck with fake dynamite and a grenade. We’re not sure his Ford Ranger was in that much danger of being stolen to begin with, but as the backwoods guy saying goes: “Better crazy than sorry! …and don’t wipe with pinecones…and try not to ever comb your beard…also we’re against deodorant for some reason. [Read More]

The 10 Best Horrible Things Retweeted by @BestFansStLouis

Joke Twitter accounts are the new awesome hilarious thing, and like @HologramTupac they spring up as fast as they cease to be funny. However a few manage to serve a purpose and our current local favorite is @BestFansStLouis who spends all their time retweeting the horrible things tweeted by Cardinal fans, also know throughout the land as “baseball’s best fans”. There’s not much else to say other that prepare yourself for the worst when following **@BestFansStLouis **because holy sweet baby Jesus dog farts some of this stuff is crazy. [Read More]

A Crazy Fight Went Down at Meramec Community College

Update: The video was removed from YouTube, but we have found a second copy on Ebaum’s World which is embedded below. Original post follows… There was quite the fight yesterday on the Meramec Community College campus and there was video, because just like all those fat Britney Spears snatch shots. as horrible as it sounds you know you gotta check it out at least once. The video’s audio is pretty NSFW, and the video is recorded in that iPhone tall and skinny aspect ratio which is super annoying, but violates no known HR policies. [Read More]

Guy Rescues Kitties From Dumpster Bag

Willie Jones was throwing out the trash when he heard noises coming from a trash bag by the dumpster. We would have screamed like a girl, ran in to the house only to come out later with a broom and a chair to stand on while poking the bag. Willie just checked what was inside, which would have been our second choice. When he opened the bag, he found five tiny kittens struggling to breathe. [Read More]

Guy Claims He Was Car Jacked on Highway K, Police Immediately Call Him a Liar

An O’Fallon man is facing charges that include filing a false police report and leaving the scene of an accident, all because he’s a big pussy who’s afraid of his wife. The accident happened Tuesday night near the intersection of Weldon Spring and Highway K, just outside the O’Fallon, Missouri city limits. St. Charles County Sheriff’s Deputies said the man wrecked his car and then reported that he had been carjacked. [Read More]

Wildwood Man Gets Caught Using Fake Dick to Pass Drug Test

Here’s what we learned today: Drug test forging or “possession of a forging instrumentality” are felonies. In more layman’s terms, trying to get past your court mandated drug-checking urine test by purchasing a fake penis filled with fake piss can get you in a lot of trouble. According to paperwork filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court, Eric A. Throckmorton, 29, of the 16200 block of Port of Nantucket in the Grover area of Wildwood, was charged earlier this month with one count each of forgery and possession of a forging instrumentality. [Read More]

The St. Charles Sugar Plum Fairy is a Dirty Girl and Got Fired

Update: We’ve found some interesting new information with the other character she plays while not being the Sugar Plum Fairy. Her other character is considerably more naked, which is awesome. Original post follows… We learned two new things today: St. Charles has an annual Christmas pageant, and the Sugar Plum Fairy has a dirty dirty mouth…and it’s not from that yellow snow she accidentally ate over by the reindeer barn. [Read More]

Lady Shoots Little Girl in the Back With BB Gun Because Shut Up! You Want Some Too?!

A 20 year old Shiloh woman is in jail tonight because she decided to shoot a 10 year old in the back with a BB gun one fateful October 30th afternoon. “What the hell is wrong with this broad?” is what you might be thinking, but wait…this is the metro East area we’re talking about and she only used a BB gun. Sounds like the little tyke got off easy. Middle school is when they start dodging . [Read More]

St. Louis Kids Love New Game: Choking Themselves

This is what happens when you grow up in a violent place. First you’re scared to even take the trash out after dark, but then you start to wonder “How come no one has tried to stab me lately? Aren’t I cute? Don’t I look white and rich enough?” Eventually that builds and builds and you decide, “If no one’s going to do it, maybe I’ll just choke myself. That’ll show em! [Read More]

KSDK: Local Costume Shop Runs Out of Rally Squirrel Costumes They Never Had

St. Louis, we love you, but damn there sure is a large portion of us that knows how to hop on some little thing, and while interesting or humorous initially, beat on it and make it to something so dumb you want to smash your head against the ground to make enough goo leak out your ear so that you now think the overplayed stupid thing is awesome and interesting once again…and you’ll find cut off camo shorts totally awesome and wearable for several occasions. [Read More]