Washington Wizards Bradley Beal Gets Twitter Threats For Being Pro-Cardinals

The young guard for the Washingon Wizards, Bradley Beal, wasn’t even watching the Cardinals game Friday night when they were coming back on a stunned Nationals teams and their fans, but when we saw the Cardinals won he reached for Twitter. He is from St. Louis after all. STL turnupppp !!! …I guess that’s means something to the effect of “I’m happy the Cardinals won.” because that’s how most of Washington-area fans took it, and it did not go over particularly well. [Read More]

St. Louis Hates Jason Motte via Twitter…and Then Likes Him via Twitter

The Cardinals had quite a roller-coaster of a weekend, but that’s even more true for Cardinal closer Jason Motte who blew the save Saturday night, but then closed out the win on Sunday evening. You didn’t even have to watch the games to know that, you could have just watched Twitter! Here’s the crazies going off on Motte on Saturday night: Those aren’t even the worst. The crazy prize goes to @Crazy_Corwegian, who posted the following: “seriously jason motte, take a gun to your head tonight and shoot yourself. [Read More]

St. Louis City Prosecutor Loves the Spice Girls

The hard-nosed city prosecutor who usually uses Twitter to shine a light on the various crimes that pass through her office, but last night during the Olympics closing ceremonies she took to Twitter for a very different reason…don’t worry, she’s OK with us telling everyone.

Way to spice up your Twitter profile! We hope St. Louis’ criminal element is ready for Lawyer Spice!

via @JenniferJoyceCA

KTVI, Fox 2, is Horrible at Twitter

Fox 2 sucks at Twitter. We know this not because we follow @fox2now, we know this because we found, and now love, fox2nowpoetry.tumblr.com. Who would have thought Fox2 would be bad at Twitter? Fox 2, KTVI, is/was the home of the famed “Web Center”, but they screw up headline tweets like nobody’s business. You may think Tweeting out new headlines with a link to the story sounds simple to do manually, or even something one could automate very easily, but here we are with mangled headline tweets such as: [Read More]

Stop Shooting People in Their Faces You Assholes!

Again. It happened again! A 17-year-old hospitalized after he was shot in the face. It happened Monday night near Bryant and O’Fallon in north St. Louis. The unidentified teen is hospitalized in serious condition. (That’s the whole story on KMOX’s site. Not sure why it was phrased in extended Haiku form.) Why do we have to keep going over this?! August 9th, 2010: “Dude Buying CDs Gets Shot in the Face“ [Read More]

The 10 Best Horrible Things Retweeted by @BestFansStLouis

Joke Twitter accounts are the new awesome hilarious thing, and like @HologramTupac they spring up as fast as they cease to be funny. However a few manage to serve a purpose and our current local favorite is @BestFansStLouis who spends all their time retweeting the horrible things tweeted by Cardinal fans, also know throughout the land as “baseball’s best fans”. There’s not much else to say other that prepare yourself for the worst when following **@BestFansStLouis **because holy sweet baby Jesus dog farts some of this stuff is crazy. [Read More]

Here’s Some Insane Tweets to Joe Buck After Sunday’s Football Game

Poor Joe Buck (@buck on Twitter), he just can’t win. The St. Louis native is always a dick to your team.Which team? Your team. …No wait. Of the two teams that played in Sunday’s NFC championship game, which one did he hate specifically? The one that you liked. Of course not everyone is team specific. Other’s just have career advice: Laugh now, but a small part of you thought Buck heaped a little too much praise on Mike Napoli in the World Series didn’t you? [Read More]