St. Louis Hates Jason Motte via Twitter…and Then Likes Him via Twitter

The Cardinals had quite a roller-coaster of a weekend, but that’s even more true for Cardinal closer Jason Motte who blew the save Saturday night, but then closed out the win on Sunday evening. You didn’t even have to watch the games to know that, you could have just watched Twitter!

Here’s the crazies going off on Motte on Saturday night:

Those aren’t even the worst. The crazy prize goes to @Crazy_Corwegian, who posted the following:

“seriously jason motte, take a gun to your head tonight and shoot yourself. i dont ever wanna see you pitch for the cardinals again.”

He later deleted the tweet, but nothing gets deleted on the internet! Every little thing you say or do is like a drunken tattoo, you can try to pretend it never happened, but it’s still there. It will always be there. In this case, the awesome Twitter account @BestFansStLouis has the proof:

Lovely people. Best fans in baseball. Totally aware that this is entertainment and while you can be upset as you tie yourself to the home team, at the end of the day the world will keep going and there’s certainly no reason to wish harm on anyone over a baseball game.

But what’s this? Not 24 hours later and Motte is called in to shutdown an extra-innings win over the very same Dodgers to somewhat salvage the road trip? What say we now Twitter hive mind? Do we have faith in Motte?

The crazies started crafting their Twitter-based death threats…

But no, he did it! Motte closed it out!

Well see! I think all the crazy people who make death threats over Twitter can now agree that it’s a good thing he didn’t kill himself or he would have missed a this congratulatory gnome reference! We’re all friends now!