St. Louis Highways Were Taken Over by Stunt Bikers, Only One Got Ran Over

St. Louis Highways Were Taken Over by Stunt Bikers, Only One Got Ran Over

If you were driving around this weekend and noticed a distinct rise in the amount of motorcyclists with a love of neon-type colors that the general population shunned by the mid-90s, then congratulations! You were part of the “Ride of the Century”!

A huge group of motorcyclists rode through the St. Louis area on their annual controversial ride Saturday, as police kept a close eye.

Police presence was visible but not heavy as the bikers gathered at midafternoon near the flood wall along the Mississippi River just south of the Gateway Arch for the 10th Streetfighterz Ride of the Century.

Police were patrolling highways to prevent a repeat of last year’s ride weekend, when an estimated 2,500 bikers buzzed area highways, performing stunts, startling drivers and weaving through traffic.

According to various sources the cops were active: A few tickets for obstruction of traffic, a couple of minor accidents, one dumbass ran in to a cop car with his motorcycle on 370…oh and one guy crashed his bike and got ran over, but he’s ok.

“I was actually watching everyone do wheelies and everything and one of them just spun out of control,” said Steve Lee. “Literally I ran him over and he looked at me. I got out of my car to make sure he was okay and he took off.”

The St. Louis County Police don’t mind any of this though…as long as all of them remember to sign the back of their drivers licenses. We hear tread-marked livers are a great way to get a transplant and save a few bucks!

“Sign the back of their driver’s license and agree to be an organ donor,” police chief Tim Fitch said. “Unfortunately, that’s what we see in these cases when they’re driving at 100 miles an hour on an interstate highway and crash.”

So somehow the “Ride of the Century (2012)” managed not to kill anyone despite Police Chief Tim Fitch’s organ drive request and the whole point of the ride being just a little bit stupid: To do tricks in the middle of a busy highway amongst a bunch of people driving cars who aren’t participating, and are probably driving giant trucks and SUVs because we live in Missouri. The bright side? At least it won’t happen again for another 100 years because otherwise calling it the “ride of the century” is about as dumb as getting two thousand people to try popping wheelies over a weekend, on a rain-slicked highways by area malls loaded with mini van-based child transport traffic and various other unaware motorists.

Of course, there were lots of people that were part of the “ride” but didn’t spend it doing tricks on highways, annoying area police, and to those people we say…What are you guys pussies or something? It’s the Ride of the Century! Get out there and get run over because you’re not going to have another chance at this for a while. …or maybe next year. Who the hell knows. Seriously, this is the worst name for an event ever. The only thing worse would be something like “The Hitler Jonbenet Ramsey Pedophile Locos Taco Supreme Bike Ride Thing 2012” which sounds horrible, but at least it’s clear it’s an annual event.

via STLToday and KMOV