St. Louis Highways Were Taken Over by Stunt Bikers, Only One Got Ran Over

If you were driving around this weekend and noticed a distinct rise in the amount of motorcyclists with a love of neon-type colors that the general population shunned by the mid-90s, then congratulations! You were part of the “Ride of the Century”! A huge group of motorcyclists rode through the St. Louis area on their annual controversial ride Saturday, as police kept a close eye. Police presence was visible but not heavy as the bikers gathered at midafternoon near the flood wall along the Mississippi River just south of the Gateway Arch for the 10th Streetfighterz Ride of the Century. [Read More]

Woman Tricks Cops, Steals Their Wallet to Buy Smokes and Lottery Tickets

In what had to have been one of the most embarrassing police reports filed in at least the last few years, two St. Louis officiers detailed how they were conned, robbed and then duped again by a 25-year old woman named Tonia. Tonia Rene Hart, 25, of the 5400 block of Blow Street, told police that her boyfriend had stolen her keys after an argument. The officers drove Hart to her boyfriend’s home, two blocks away, and left her in the cruiser while they went inside. [Read More]

Missouri Sheriffs Association Caught in Crossfire Between Justice System and Antisec Hackers

The “Antisec” movement of hackers have taken down some big-time websites recently. The Arizona Department of Public Safety, the government of Brazil, and british newspapers The Sun and The Times where they posted a fake story about fellow-hacking lover and news mogul Rupert Murdoch. Last weekend though, they took down the Missouri Sheriffs Association. Not quite as glamourous as The Sun, but still pretty damaging. Not only is the Sheriffs Association’s site (mosheriffs. [Read More]

Belleville Mom Takes a Stab at Mother of the Year

Oh moms! They always go too far and end up embarrassing you, like the time that a Belleville mother came home drunk, yelled at her four kids and eventually started chasing them around the house with a knife. Oh and then when the cops came to get her she kicked one right in the balls. Someone’s sure earning her “Best Mom Ever” sweatshirt this year! This totally reminds us of our mom who used to be there when we got home, be totally sober, make us dinner and then tuck us in to bed…. [Read More]

What Do You Do When the Cops Reach in Your Window For Your Drugs?

A high-speed chase started in the city, ended with a traffic accident in Webster Groves, and all started when a police officer thought he saw drugs in use in a car, reached in the window to get them and the suspect…rolled the window up on his arm! Balls. Giant balls. Police say it began around 3 p.m. at the intersection of Minerva and Union when an officer saw what he thought were drugs inside a vehicle. [Read More]

Rappin’ Ex-Cop Got Shot For All the Wrong Reasons

Correction: In the post “Former St. Louis Cop Makes His Entry to the Horrible St. Louis Music Video Contest” we mislabeled our rappin’ ex-cop as a “hero”. Wrong! To quote our previous piece (emphasis added): The latest entry in to the “That’s pretty bad, but I can make a worse St. Louis rap video” contest that seemingly sprung up out of nowhere is from “Tak”, a former cop that bravely took a bullet, quit being a cop…and then started a rap career. [Read More]

Uplands Park Cop Admits to Banging Craigslist Hookers

Leon Pullen, a 32 year old Uplands Park police officer invented something amazing! “I’m a cop right? Well maybe I can tell people to give me stuff in exchange for not arresting them! How has no one thought about this before?!” Officer Pullen isn’t all that bright. [Pullen] scoured online advertisements posted by the escorts, then pretended to be a customer, according to court documents and testimony at his plea hearing in federal court here. [Read More]

Did We Miss Anything?

If you didn’t know, we were on vacation most of last week (and it turned out, yesterday as well…whoops!). So, what did we miss? Now back in the saddle, here’s what we could figure out: A few months back, two cops from LaGrange shot a chained dog. Now its a viral video. (See what I did there? I linked to a story the RFT did instead of just doing the repeat thing which isn’t our style…but happens. [Read More]

St. Louis County Cops Get Tasers, Still Just Cheaper to Shoot You

By the start of May, every single County cops will be rocking a Taser. Get ready for a whole lot of great “Don’t Tase Me Bro” videos from the Lou! A federal grant allowed the Police Department to buy an additional 300 of the devices, which deploy electrically charged barbs that temporarily paralyze a person. In all, about 600 officers will be equipped with the $1,000 Tasers. Holy crap dude. $1000 dollars for a Taser? [Read More]
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Guy Breaks in to House, Covers Inside With Liquid Soap

Wait, what? A man who allegedly broke into a house because it was a place to smoke cocaine and “cool off” then spread liquid hand soap about the house before leaving, St. Louis County police said. Darion J. Ellis, 18, of Florissant, told police he poured the liquid soap throughout the house to clean up after himself, according to the police report. Weird huh? Don’t worry the police have it figured out. [Read More]