Missouri Sheriffs Association Caught in Crossfire Between Justice System and Antisec Hackers

The “Antisec” movement of hackers have taken down some big-time websites recently. The Arizona Department of Public Safety, the government of Brazil, and british newspapers The Sun and The Times where they posted a fake story about fellow-hacking lover and news mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Last weekend though, they took down the Missouri Sheriffs Association. Not quite as glamourous as The Sun, but still pretty damaging. Not only is the Sheriffs Association’s site (mosheriffs.com) still down as of this writing, but the crackers also managed to penetrate their database posting the names, addresses, social security numbers and passwords of lots and lots of Missouri cops.

The only reason we know it was from Antisec was that they claimed responsibility afterward via their preferred mode of communication, pastebin (an web service where one can share blobs of text publicly online).

In retaliation to the unjust persecution of dozens of suspected Anonymous “members”, we attacked over 70 US law enforcement institutions defacing their websites and destroying their servers. Additionally, we have stolen massive amounts of confidential documents and personal information including email spools, password dumps, classified documents, internal training files, informant lists, and more to be released very soon. We demand prosecuters [sic] immediately drop all charges and investigations against all “Anonymous” defendants.

They are referring to the recent actions taken against members of the Anonymous and LULZsec hacker groups because of their attacks on PayPal and other financial institutions for not backing the infamous WikiLeaks site.

They continued…

To law enforcement: your bogus trumped-up charges against the Anonymous paypal LOIC [Low Orbit Ion Cannon, which is a tool used to take down websites by flooding it with data] attacks will not stick, nor will your intimidation tactics stop us from exposing your corruption. While many of the recent “Anonymous” arrestees are completely innocent, there is no such thing as an innocent cop, and we will act accordingly.

The Missouri Sheriffs Association just stood there, listened to all that, and threw their arms in the air. “What the hell did we do man?! Geez, we barely know how to check our Hotmail and…wait a minute…is this all about that stuff my daughter keeps talking about? How she likes it when her friends sit on each other’s Facebook so they can get their Ning _Twitter_ed? That’s it! We’re unplugging the 12 year old Gateway computer!”

Nicely done Antisec. Sure their site was running an old laptop sitting on the floor of some fat guy’s apartment and the password was probably something like “nra4eva” or “ithinkthatblackfellermusthaveleftonhisown”, but still a blow was struck for the oppressed Anonymous hackers! Maybe the Missouri Sheriffs Association will think next time before they’re not involved in arresting people that did something they probably weren’t really aware of and end up with the password to their email accounts they never check get blasted all over the net!

[Editor’s Note: Just kidding Antisec! We had to make a joke, but we love you guys and 4chan, so please don’t do anything to us. Serious, seriously…seriously love you guys. Pay no mind to the local comedy website!]

via KOMU