Missouri Sheriffs Association Caught in Crossfire Between Justice System and Antisec Hackers

The “Antisec” movement of hackers have taken down some big-time websites recently. The Arizona Department of Public Safety, the government of Brazil, and british newspapers The Sun and The Times where they posted a fake story about fellow-hacking lover and news mogul Rupert Murdoch. Last weekend though, they took down the Missouri Sheriffs Association. Not quite as glamourous as The Sun, but still pretty damaging. Not only is the Sheriffs Association’s site (mosheriffs. [Read More]

The Old Rock House Website Is Hacked…Yes, Again.

…and now they’re hacked again. Same image, same group, same everything. You know, setting your password to “theoldrockhouse” probably seemed like a brillant method to avoid a post-it note, but then things like this happen and you start to think “Maybe I should pick a harder password, like my kid’s first name, or wait…of course! ‘theoldrockhouse1‘! This is even smarter than me putting my wallet in my shoes at the beach before I go in the water. [Read More]

The Old Rock House’s New Website Has Already Been Hacked

Update: The site has now been restored! Take that Hacker Group Yemen!

Original story follows…

St. Louis concert venue The Old Rock House launched their new website today (www.oldrockhouse.com) with a certain amount of fanfare and…well…it’s an interesting take. Anyone else see the link to their concert schedule? Maybe it’s behind the creepy girl face with her mouth taped shut?

Leisa Zigman’s Twitter Account Was Hacked…By a Hacker…Again

No not really, but when you do something stupid and you can’t tell your computer from your microwave, you just say a “hacker” did it and then you are cleared of all stupid deeds. Here’s a quick synopsis of our absolute favorite KSDK reporter’s twitter page: About an hour later, Zigman figures it out… Ah. That solves. it. Here’s what really happened: There has been a link floating around that if you click on it, and happen to be signed in to Twitter, it will submit a private message to everyone on your list. [Read More]