The Internet Says St. Louis Has a PR Problem

There are all kinds of wonderful uses for the internet! To just name a few off the top of our head, there’s porn, midget porn, banner ads that have playable games, amputee porn, Wikipedia, the Mayor’s Twitter stream, and of course, Disney character porn (we both know you want to, but please don’t search for that until you’re home from work tonight). Over the weekend we found one more thing for that list: Asking random people questions. [Read More]

Too Soon St. Charles Netflix Users!

What the hell St. Charles?! You guys all think it’s funny to sit in your comfy, non-rubble homes watching tornado movies? Too soon man. Too soon. Our eagle eyed tipster, one Aaron Burrows, nabbed this screenshot as proof. He was horrified by his fellow townsfolk, so he gets a pass. We will give St. Charles a point for enjoying Baseketball though, which was a fine flick that had St. Louis’ native son Bob Costas utter the line “You’re excited? [Read More]

Damn That’s a Nice Coyote Hat

This Coyote hat, which is more of a full animal skin with a pocket for your head at one end than it is a traditional hat, can be all yours for $150! The sexy model does not come with the hat or, hopefully, at all.

We actually aren’t sure if this “hat” was actually something someone purposefully made this way, or a coyote tried to eat this slow-moving old broad one day only to choke and die while trying to swallow her head.

If your idea of a good way to blow $150 is to shove your head in the neck-hole of a dead animal skin, then this sounds like a good deal. It also sounds like a good deal if you just want to buy it to scare the neighbor kids or if you wanted something to wear to work on the days you have meetings with that vegetarian chick that just keeps going on and on about animal cruelty like you actually slaughtered your chicken nuggets in the parking lot.

via Craiglist and Reddit (bbr4nd0n)

[Full screen capture of the ad after the jump for posterity if/when the Craigslist link stops working]


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Passed Out Pirates Fan Gets Face Queef

Pop Senario Quiz: You’re a nice St. Louis girl at the ballgame in your Molina jersey and your matching red shoes, and as you’re leaving, you see a guy passed out on the street…who also happens to be a Pirates fan…who also happens to have pissed himself. What does a nice young lady of St. Louis do? A: Help the gentleman up, and get him to a cab. B: Take his wallet. [Read More]

Craigslist: Searching for the Real Housewife of Jefferson County

We love a good farcical Craigslist post around here. cough So we’re glad we ran across this over the weekend and that someone had the forethought to screen grab it! Have you dreamed of being famous? Are you a burgeoning socialite cougar with ambitions of making ti to the small screen? Do you frequently fornicate with members of your immediate family? Sadly, this guy probably has an inbox full of submissions from every fat (but not Jefferson County fat, which everyone knows adds more pounds than a t-shirt scoop full of disposable cameras), stretch pants-rocking, side ponytail having, daycare/meth maker in the county. [Read More]

The Old Rock House Website Is Hacked…Yes, Again.

It was just Friday when we told you about the new website for local concert venue The Old Rock House (, but I’d avoid clicking on that if you’re still rocking Internet Explorer.) and how it was really creepy and we didn’t get the whole “duct-taped girl” motif they were going for…oh that’s right they were hacked! Later that night it was fixed though, the creepy taped girl was expunged and the Old Rock House’s website full of photos from concerts by people we’ve never heard of was restored. [Read More]

The Old Rock House’s New Website Has Already Been Hacked

Update: The site has now been restored! Take that Hacker Group Yemen! Original story follows… St. Louis concert venue The Old Rock House launched their new website today ( with a certain amount of fanfare and…well…it’s an interesting take. Anyone else see the link to their concert schedule? Maybe it’s behind the creepy girl face with her mouth taped shut? Apparently the new site, within hours of launching, got hacked and hacked good especially since at the time of this writing it was still this way and phone calls to the venue returned an eta of “Um…I’m not sure…” followed by direction to go to their Facebook page that appeared to be wildly out of date. [Read More]

That’s Probably Not Fog Around the Weather Man’s House

This is going to be a shocker to a lot of you, but despite our chiseled good looks, amazing arms and a “turn and look, with hair flip” move so perfect it acts like a magnifying glass that focuses our hot rays of sexy in to a beam that instantly ignites the panties of whatever super-model we’ve decided to split open with our ” little lightsaber” to keep warm in that day, we didn’t always run with the “in crowd” back in high school. [Read More]

What’s the Deal With This Billboard on Gravois?

City dwellers that travel down Gravois, or Hodak’s fried chicken addicts should recognize this flashy billboard, which has totally become our favorite billboard ever in recent days, but we gotta ask: Anyone know the deal with this thing? Current theories include a new store selling levitation pants, a hip new funeral home, or simply a cartoon character that took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and laid down for a quick nap. [Read More]

Your Alton Tax Dollars at Work!

It took three firefighters to disloge this large woman and her motorized wheelchair from the mud when she tried to take her ass through a sloppy field while chasing her dog. The only that would make this photo of three trained firemen lifting her ass out of her chair so they can also carry that to dry land any more amazing would be an orphanage burning down in the background. [Read More]