The Internet Says St. Louis Has a PR Problem

There are all kinds of wonderful uses for the internet! To just name a few off the top of our head, there’s porn, midget porn, banner ads that have playable games, amputee porn, Wikipedia, the Mayor’s Twitter stream, and of course, Disney character porn (we both know you want to, but please don’t search for that until you’re home from work tonight). Over the weekend we found one more thing for that list: Asking random people questions. is a site, much like the infamous Chatroulette, where you are simply auto-paired with another random user for a chat over video or text, but they are beta testing a new feature where one can ask a question, any question, and have two strangers debate the answer. After spending far too long asking questions like “Who likes boobies?!”, “Who let the dogs out?” and “What what in the ___?”, we got down to business and decided to ask John Q. Internet what they knew about our fair city. A St. Louis public relations spot check if you will. Here is a sampling of our results:

Classy. What are the odds we’d get someone from Kansas City on the first try?!

Well…um…actually this is…uh…ok, we’ve got nothing. It is what it is. Enjoy.

Yes, Pujols! Finally! Reactions like this makes you wonder if the Mayor’s quietly drumming up support for a Pujols tax to keep the one guy people know from St. Louis around after this season. If not, we might have to check on Louis from the video game Left 4 Dead‘s availability and skills with a first basemen’s mitt.

We can see the new tourism campaign now: “St. Louis: Your mom and the Arch…maybe.”

Time to get to work St. Louis! No one knows a damn thing about you! The silver lining is that people clearly don’t remember which city is probably leading the nation in “rusty knife stabbings for less than $20” according to a recent magazine/paper/blog that scraped another top/bottom list our of the shitty idea bowl, so now’s our chance! Get out there and start PR-ing your ass off St. Louis! Oh and maybe it’s time for a new tourism video, because this last one we put out there is kind of a downer, and we aren’t really vibing on the acid trip down Sesame Street aesthetic.