MetroLink Stations to Get New Art No One Asked For

While it could be said that St. Louis’ MetroLink stations aren’t the most beautiful train stations in the nation, it doesn’t matter. Being bland is actually a clever safety mechanism because you need to focus on the tasks at hand: 1. Board the right train. 2. Don’t get stabbed. You don’t need to look at art, you need to be watching your back, because that fat lady over there half asleep wearing the skin-tight generic security uniform isn’t going to do it. [Read More]

The Spandex House of South City

We know what you’re thinking: Photos of Kirstie Alley jogging aren’t relatable to you…but wait! Look again. True enough, that’s a large amount of spandex wrapped around a huge immovable object, but it’s actually a house, not Kirstie Alley. Seriously. Keep looking…try squinting a little…the trick is to look through the picture. There you go! See? House. We know, it’s tough. The house is on the corner of Arsenal and Iowa in South City and is indeed wrapped in white, gold chain-patterned, spandex. [Read More]

St. Louis iPhone Photography at Beautifulou

Quick, single-purpose Tumblr blogs are great and Beautifulou is no exception. Posting nothing but quality shots from around St. Louis taken with iPhones.

Particular favorites are: “View from inside” and “Snow day at 11th and Locust


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Lambert Airport Adds New Art to Take Your Mind off of the Naked Pictures They Just Took of You

Next spring, Lambert Airport will install two art pieces in both the A and C concourses consisting of a series of glass panels. Here’s hoping some pink glass will make you smile after you just refused the invasive naked scannersand were thusly molested by a short sweaty fat guy with an attitude in a uniform two times too small. “The nine art glass screens will make a bold statement and have a very strong visual presence,” McGuire said. [Read More]

Found Video: A St. Louis Time Lapse

What the hell is it about time lapse videos that are so damn entertaining? I don’t know either, but I just found a St. Louis themed one on Vimeo: Walking around, or a sped up day (ahem) are really is the best uses of time lapse. Porn I think would be really weird all sped up. It would be over so quick, you really couldn’t enjoy yourself. Oh wait. I think I just found some sympathy for women. [Read More]

Exploring the Urinal Art at Blueberry Hill

Exploring the Urinal Art at Blueberry Hill
We can’t speak on the details of the little girl’s room at St. Louis favorite Blueberry Hill, but in the Dude’s Room, they have these awesome pieces of wood where you are free to draw anything you want, or if you prefer, just try to inspect while you are giving back that beer you just bought. I thought it would be fun to snap a photo [Editor’s Note: This is the first time I’ve taken photos in the boy’s room, I swear! [Read More]

Post Dispatch Sends Bonetti Packing, and He Goes Out Like A Bitch

This week in our apparently on-going feature of long time (and well-paid) Post Dispatch employees getting swept out the door and sending out “They tell me I have to say I’m leaving on my own or they won’t give me that extra money they promised” emails, we feature art critic David Bonetti. He left the post “Farewell to the Lou” on his “Culture Club” blog Friday. As some of you might have heard, I am leaving the Post-Dispatch. [Read More]