Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman Visits F15teen’s Winter Bikini Contest

F15teen, the restaurant and nightclub, has had some major celebs come to their events, like last Saturday’s Winter Bikini Contest aka “St. Louis Skanks, Feel Free to Give Your Various Rashes Some Air at F15teen!”, but no celebrity host has been bigger than the one we found lurking in their photo gallery without nary a promotional mention: Mad Magazine’s very own Alfred E. Neuman! (Google image search link for those unaware of this particular cultural reference. [Read More]

The Kyle Turley Band at Old Rock House This Sunday

Friend-of-the-site, former St. Louis Ram and current country music artist, Kyle Turley will be making a stop in St. Louis Sunday to play at the Old Rock House after two of his former teams go at it in the Edward Jones Dome, which by the way is officially no longer the worst NFL dome, so big congrats there for the Rams! Congrats are also in order for the Kyle Turley Band as rumor has it that our editor will be out at the show personally taking some photos and giving out stickers. [Read More]

Infamous Club Lure Tries to Hide as Club Amnesia, Fails

Washington Avenue’s Club Lure has been through a lot lately. Thrust in to the glaring spotlight-esque public gaze like two chicks making out on the dance floor, you know where one of them is really bangin’ and the other is ok…totally wouldn’t say ugly, but next to the other chick…look, she’s clearly the “ugly friend” but standing alone she might be servicable with the right mix of well drinks and shame coursing through your bloodstream. [Read More]

Ameristar’s HOME Nightclub Shuts Down, Surrounding Area’s Herpes Level to Drop 58%

Well great. How are we supposed to get amazing AA-list celebrities to come to St. Louis now without the Ameristar Casino’s HOME nightclub?! The club announced Sunday it has closed its doors, taking with it the chance to see HOME veterans again like Paris Hilton, Danny Masterson, Kim Kardashion and, talent oozing from every pore, Wilber Valderama…oh god…that’s not talent is it? I think that’s infection left over from Lindsay Lohan. Gross.

Though the press release, sent to a few media outlets on Sunday afternoon, has yet to appear on the Ameristar Press Release page (Update: Its up now. Link.), the Riverfront Times quoted this chunk:

Ameristar Casinos, Inc. has closed HOME Nightclub at Ameristar Casino Resort Spa St. Charles. The venue’s last night of operation was Aug. 22. Ameristar Sr. Vice President and General Manager Jim Franke said that while HOME had met Ameristar’s standards of quality and excellence in becoming one of St. Louis’ premiere nightclubs, the venue was unable to sustain profitability. “We want to thank our guests and appreciated their patronage and loyalty in making HOME one of the top nightclubs not only in the St. Louis area, but throughout the Midwest region,” Franke said. There are no immediate plans to physically change the HOME venue. Franke said Ameristar will continue to use the facility as an exciting high-energy venue for the property’s group sales business. Despite changes to improve the financial performance of HOME – including programming and scheduling formats – the venue was unable to achieve successful financial results, Franke said.

If you can’t turn a profit with $13 vodka tonics, we aren’t sure what else can help you.

The real losers in all of this news are the Jersey Shore kids. They lost one of only a few places that would bring them in to “host” a party. All they have left now is InsideSTL events at Fifteen.

Click through the jump to see photos of the HOME hall of fame.

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Awesome St. Louis Destination Video

We found this video via The St. Louis Egotist yesterday, and had to do the re-post. It’s really a very well done video with great shots of City Garden, City Museum, Forest Park, and all the other good places around town.

Notice how steady they keep the camera despite all the dead bodies and homeless people they had to step over to shoot it.

Tips for the Chicagoan Visiting St. Louis

Editor’s Note: This post was sent to us from a guest writer, Lance K. I gotta say when I first read this, I thought “I don’t remember writing this!” so I thought this was the perfect post to ease in our Guest Author feature. If you have any interest in guest authoring a post here, drop me a line at [email protected] …also love that he’s clinging to the “VP Fair” name. [Read More]

Top 5 Places to Go Watch the World Cup

St. Louis has a very odd relationship with soccer. Sometimes it seems strong, like on fall days when every single minivan in town is shipping a load of kids and a bucket of orange slices to one of the hundreds of soccer fields. Other times, like when we have soccer times just die on the vine because no one gives a damn you think, wait aren’t we supposed to be some kind of an oasis in the universal malaise of soccer that shrouds the vast majority of the United States? [Read More]

St. Louis Chicks with Douchey Guys

Maybe you’ve seen the blog Hot Chicks with Douchebags, well guess what? We have a few examples of this meme in our very own town…and all it took to find them was a quick trip to the InsideSTL photo gallery! Shocker right? You know guys, I’m guessing most of you are sports fans. There’s a sport expression that falls inline with this: “Act like you’ve been there before.” You don’t need to get this excited just because someone pointed a camera at you while you happen to be standing next to a girl. [Read More]

Birds of a Feather, Pose for Douchey Photos?

If I didn’t recognize the two on the left as St. Louis Cardinals Brendan Ryan and Colby Rasmus, I would say this picture appears to be the start of an amazing douche collection. It has it all, the guy that throws the peace sign everywhere, the “I’ve been rocking this so long it can’t possibly be ironic any longer” mustache and a straight up classic “Me Play Sports Good” face on young Colby in the middle. [Read More]

Exploring the Urinal Art at Blueberry Hill

Exploring the Urinal Art at Blueberry Hill
We can’t speak on the details of the little girl’s room at St. Louis favorite Blueberry Hill, but in the Dude’s Room, they have these awesome pieces of wood where you are free to draw anything you want, or if you prefer, just try to inspect while you are giving back that beer you just bought. I thought it would be fun to snap a photo [Editor’s Note: This is the first time I’ve taken photos in the boy’s room, I swear! [Read More]