Infamous Club Lure Tries to Hide as Club Amnesia, Fails

Washington Avenue’s Club Lure has been through a lot lately. Thrust in to the glaring spotlight-esque public gaze like two chicks making out on the dance floor, you know where one of them is really bangin’ and the other is ok…totally wouldn’t say ugly, but next to the other chick…look, she’s clearly the “ugly friend” but standing alone she might be servicable with the right mix of well drinks and shame coursing through your bloodstream. Reports of several fights, and weapon charges sprung up in front of it’s doors over the summer causing Lure to finally close it’s doors in October after losing the all important liquor license.

A new club has sprung up in it’s place though: Club Amnesia.

Totally different place.

A little paint, a new happy hour…totally different place. It’s not like they just changed the name to get a new liquor license and reopen.

Forget what you’ve heard about Club Lure on Washington Avenue, at least that’s what the new management at Club Amnesia would like. They say while the club’s ownership hasn’t changed, just about everything else has, like a new mission, more security and a new image consultant.

Ok, it is the same owners. Changing the name after less than two months of being closed should be enough to throw the city off the trail though right?

A spokesman for the city says the club’s effort to change its image is recognized, but says because the ownership has not change the legal process is still moving forward, meaning the liquor license could be taken.

Crap. They’re on to you Club Formally Known as Lure! Maybe hire more PR people and then change the name to “Club No Officier I’m Not Sure What You’re Talking Abou…Oh This? Yeah, That Might Be a Club”

Here’s the proposed new front window design:

via KSDK