$800,000 of Lotto Winnings Left Unclaimed in South County

3, 11, 24, 26, 29

A “Show Me Cash” (see what they did there?) ticket was sold a Quicktrip on Gravois in South County that won the lucky owner precisely $829,986, but as of this writing, the prize is still unclaimed.

What could a South County resident buy with over $800,000 dollars? Um…lets se…here are our top 5 guesses:

  1. An $800,000 dollar Best Buy gift card.

  2. A $5o Costco membership and then a shit-load of cheese and kleenex.

  3. You could pretty much make “Freebird” play from here to entirety on the juke box at Hot Shots.

  4. Every upper-level tickets for a Cardinal game to load with the rest of South County, thus assuring the longest continuous wave ever! Starting just past the start of the 7th inning when someone gets drunk enough to take off their shirt and light the fuse on this retard-powder keg.

  5. Move out of South County.

via KMOV