Somebody’s Ghetto Ass Just Won 1.6 Million Dollars

A $1.6 Million dollar lottery winning ticket was purchased at…well, we wouldn’t call it horrible, but it’s not good and a little ghetto, Schnucks over in University City off of Olive Boulevard. You know the one. It’s by the ghetto-ish Jack in the Box, across the street from the ghetto-ish Imo’s, next to the fat ladies clothing store and a $1 dollar store. Someone purchased a winning ticket at the Schnucks Market at 6920 Olive Boulevard. [Read More]

$800,000 of Lotto Winnings Left Unclaimed in South County

3, 11, 24, 26, 29 A “Show Me Cash” (see what they did there?) ticket was sold a Quicktrip on Gravois in South County that won the lucky owner precisely $829,986, but as of this writing, the prize is still unclaimed. What could a South County resident buy with over $800,000 dollars? Um…lets se…here are our top 5 guesses: An $800,000 dollar Best Buy gift card. A $5o Costco membership and then a shit-load of cheese and kleenex. [Read More]

Past Missouri Lotto Winner Tried to Sell Infant Grandson

Everyone says that money won’t change them, but few can hold that claim after actually having won a Million dollars…everyone except Patty Bigbee, who was a crazy old lady when she wasn’t rich, won a Million dollars in the Missouri Lottory two years ago, and then recently was busted for trying to sell her infant grandson. The lesson? Always be true to yourself. Patty Bigbee, 45, and her boyfriend Lawrence Works, 42, were arrested last Friday in Daytona Beach and charged with illegal sale or surrender of a child, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said. [Read More]

This is How the Nation Thinks of Missourians

Chris Shaw — a 29-year-old tattooed father of three who was raised by his grandparents in rural southern Missouri — came forward Thursday as the winner of the 10th-largest Powerball jackpot ever. Shaw said he had just $28.96 in his bank account and recently bought a 1998 Ford Ranger from a friend who agreed to let him pay off the $1,000 price $100 at a time. Now, he said, he no longer has to worry about how he’ll pay his friend — or his utility bills. [Read More]

Man Wins Lottery Twice, and All You Have are Anal Warts

43 year old St. Peters resident Mike Stigall has won the lottery twice at $55,000 a pop. According to lottery officials, Stigall purchased a Show Me Cash ticket at Cosmic Liquor, 421 S. Church St. in St. Peters, for the April 11 drawing. The ticket matched all five numbers to win the $55,000 jackpot. Now sure, we aren’t talking the mega-millions here, but twice?! This guy wins twice? This guy has actually won money on a scratcher ticket…twice. [Read More]