Area Schnucks Finds Shredded Glove in the Ground Beef

The Schnucks grocery store at 1060 Woods Mill Road is recalling all ground meat sold on Saturday October 1st after finding the scraps of a plastic glove while cleaning the grinder later in the day. At 8 p.m. Saturday, a thin piece of plastic glove was found in the grinder during cleaning, according to a press release announcing the recall. All Schnucks ground beef and sausage was removed from the sales floor and discarded. [Read More]

Somebody’s Ghetto Ass Just Won 1.6 Million Dollars

A $1.6 Million dollar lottery winning ticket was purchased at…well, we wouldn’t call it horrible, but it’s not good and a little ghetto, Schnucks over in University City off of Olive Boulevard. You know the one. It’s by the ghetto-ish Jack in the Box, across the street from the ghetto-ish Imo’s, next to the fat ladies clothing store and a $1 dollar store. Someone purchased a winning ticket at the Schnucks Market at 6920 Olive Boulevard. [Read More]

Score One For Dierbergs: Man Runs Over People in Schnucks Parking Lot

A 61-year old man hopped in his car in the parking lot of a Creve Coeur Schnucks and attempted to run over people Saturday morning. In summary, on Josef Achtentuch went bat shit crazy at a Schnucks. Probably to teach the local grocer a much needed lesson about keeping your salad bar up with the competition. Dierbergs’ salad bars are much better. We mean like, way better. Like three different kinds of croutons better. [Read More]