Area Schnucks Finds Shredded Glove in the Ground Beef

The Schnucks grocery store at 1060 Woods Mill Road is recalling all ground meat sold on Saturday October 1st after finding the scraps of a plastic glove while cleaning the grinder later in the day. At 8 p.m. Saturday, a thin piece of plastic glove was found in the grinder during cleaning, according to a press release announcing the recall. All Schnucks ground beef and sausage was removed from the sales floor and discarded. [Read More]

Frozen Meat Found to be Ineffective on Overdose Victims

Date: May 2009 Place: Effingham J.J. Ward died from an overdose after purchasing some heroin from one Tavis Doyle earlier in the day at an East St. Louis crack house, or as East St. Louis resident’s call them…”a house”. After making the deal, Ward settled in for a good ole heroin snack, but soon overdosed right there in front of Doyle who quickly sprung in to action to help his fallen customer…by placing frozen meat in his pants. [Read More]