Lambert Airport to Go 100% Smoke Free, Still Plans to Allow Crapiness

His Mayorness, Francis Slay, announced yesterday that Lambert Airport is going 100% smoke free starting on January 2nd, 2011. The move conicides with the earlier removal of major airline hubs, any semblance of security, and decent flights that don’t involve  you going the wrong direction for 6 hours to get to a real airport to make your connecting flight.

[T]he city will close — and eventually tear down — the five airport smoking lounges on Jan. 2, the day most public places in the city must go smoke-free.

[Mayor] Slay had said last year he would do as much. Then, late last week, he said in an interview with the Post-Dispatch that the city had worked out conflicts with the county smoking ban, which exempts the lounges.

He said his first priority is the health of travelers and airport workers, but the move is also about the city’s reputation.

“The image we want to project is a city that is progressive and health conscious,” Slay said.

Good move. We’d hate to have a reputation here in St. Louis that it isn’t healthy to live here. We think that maybe we should just let people heading in to the city take a pitstop for a quick smoke. Give them a blindfold too, and then send them out in to the mean St. Louis streets.

via STLToday