Top 5 Places to Go Watch the World Cup

St. Louis has a very odd relationship with soccer. Sometimes it seems strong, like on fall days when every single minivan in town is shipping a load of kids and a bucket of orange slices to one of the hundreds of soccer fields. Other times, like when we have soccer times just die on the vine because no one gives a damn you think, wait aren’t we supposed to be some kind of an oasis in the universal malaise of soccer that shrouds the vast majority of the United States?

All that is put aside however when the World Cup spins back up. Anyone that once played soccer is in to it again. The whole city seemingly tries to remember the soccer of its collective youth…and then promptly try to destroy those memories with beer after beer.  Soon the game you had to go watch at the pub around 6:45am, is merely background noise to the spinning room and the annoyed waitress you are trying to get to blow you in the bathroom after the lunch rush is over.

So where’s the best places in St. Louis to watch the World Cup? We came up with a top 5 list. Pretty much the only requirement to be in the running was to have an “event” of some kind gear toward the World Cup. Wondering why some obvious “Irish Pub” players aren’t on the list? They decided “trivia night” or a Nickelback coverband would be a better use of their time.

5. The Dubliner – 1025 Washington Avenue | St. Louis, MO 63101

Standard fair, but always a nice place.

4. Tigin Irish Pub – 333 Washington Ave | St Louis, MO 63102 | 314-241-8666

“On Saturday, June 12, fans will experience a day long party for much anticipated England vs. USA match up. Pub opens at 6.30am for the first of three World Cup matches. England vs. USA kicks off at 1.30pm. Party goes all night with live music with Playback Duo after the game on the patio.”

3. Amsterdam Tavern – 3175 Morganford | St. Louis, MO 63116

“The Tavern will be open for EVERY World Cup game, AND all Sunday games with breakfast and lunch to keep everyone fed!”

2. Barristers – 15 N Meramec | Clayton, MO 63105

Apparently its been named “Soccer Central” by some website we’ve never heard of. Those are the best kind of sites. Worth a #2 for us.

1. Scottish Arms – 8 South Sarah Street | St Louis, MO 63108

“This year we will be open for ALL GAMES, yep even the 6.30am kick off matches. We will have light breakfast selections available of Panini’s, bagels, fruit and yoghurt for the fans.” Nice. Oh and there’s this: “The Scottish Arms is proud to present the largest Whisky Selection in St. Louis. In March 2006 we received a Certificate from Whisky Magazine, based in the UK, which recognized the Scottish Arms as one of the… GREAT WHISKY BARS OF THE WORLD!”

Head out! Get drunk! Pretend to be able to name even 5 players on the US team! …oh and send some photos.