Doing it Right: Guy Too Drunk to Know He’s Been Stabbed

Being too drunk is usually a problem but sometimes, particularly in St. Louis, it’s a great thing. For example, it’s the only way to get really excited about going to City Diner. It makes you completely unaware of stabbings, and not in just the Dateline Mystery “No, I don’t remember stabbing my wife…” kind of way. Police are investigating the possible stabbing of a middle-aged man after his sister noticed several lacerations on his body Saturday night. [Read More]

The Best Mardi Gras YouTube Finds for 2013

Each year we like to scour YouTube and find the best uploads of drunkenness because we know you kids love the social media these days (“social media” is a fancy term for sexting and comparing who go the most wasted without having to be in the same room. We live in the future!). #5 – Guy Falls During Parade (by mdfoley75) We’re guessing that this guy wasn’t even drunk, which is why it’s at #5…but we’re totally sure it’s funny, so it made the list. [Read More]

This Year’s Best Drunk Mardi Gras You Tube Uploads

It’s the day after a Mardi Gras weekend, and in accordance with our time-honored tradition (see last year’s: “The Best Of Mardi Gras Videos“) we bring you the best of what the drunks uploaded to You Tube: _[Editor’s Note: Unless there’s something we missed, none of the below videos have any nudity, but some do have cussing and weird stuff. It’s not really NSFW, but use headphones and make sure “creepy Steve” from Finance isn’t looking over your shoulder (again). [Read More]

Drunk Guy Arrested After Eating Stranger’s Cereal

Early Sunday morning a drunk guy wandered in to someone’s house in Columbia, Illinois, grabbed a bowl of cereal and made himself at home. He didn’t sneak in, just came right in through the front door, right passed the home owner and chilled in their kitchen. “He walked into the house. The dad met him in the living room. He thought he was a friend of one of his sons at first. [Read More]

Dan McLaughlin Busted For Drunk Driving Again

Everyone’s “favorite” Cardinals broadcaster, Dan McLauglin, was busted for drinking and driving again Sunday night. This time after crashing his car in a single car accident in Chesterfield. Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin has been cited for drunken driving for a second time after a stop by Chesterfield police on Sunday. Police said McLaughlin, 37, was stopped at 10:13 p.m. on Baxter Road and Isleview Drive after he crashed his vehicle. No other vehicle was involved, police say, but they declined to elaborate. [Read More]

Don’t Walk on the Poplar Street Bridge

Early Sunday morning a drunk driving a Mustang hit a St. Louis PD car, drove past the officer that was trying to stop him and then proceeded east on to the Poplar Street Bridge where it swerved, hitting two pedestrians, sending one to the hospital and knocking the other off the bridge to his death. Horrible way to die. We would avoid any and all walking on the Poplar Street Bridge, especially going east-bound but that’s just us. [Read More]

Even More Mardi Gras Videos

Our post yesterday about the best of YouTube’s drunken Mardi Gras offerings has brought some new challengers to our original list.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also bring some attention to the following runners up:

Preppy Guy Does the Drunken Version of the History of Dance

Girls Stumble Around Like Drunken Retards and End Up With 100,000 Views on YouTube, Easily Enough for It to Make It To Their Bosses Inbox


Rams Scout Showed Penis to Cop While at the NFL Combine

Good god Rams. You start prepping for a draft where you aren’t picking in the top 3 for the first time in a few years and you get all crazy and start pissing all over buildings? Keep it together guys. Luke Driscoll, a Rams NFL scout was arrested under charges of public nudity and intoxication in Indianapolis while in town for the NFL Combine. Police say he also exposed himself to a female officer. [Read More]

Mizzou Freshman Fell Out of His Dorm

Richard Mehan, a 19 year old Mizzou freshman from Chesterfield, is in the hospital after falling from his dorm’s balcony Saturday night. The St. Louis High School grad fell from a fifth-floor balcony to a fourth-floor Laws hall landing at 2 am and is in “fair” condition at a Columbia hospital. What could he have been doing at 2am Missouri University Police captain Brain Weimer? Weimer said Mehan had been drinking. [Read More]

Top 5 Places to Go Watch the World Cup

St. Louis has a very odd relationship with soccer. Sometimes it seems strong, like on fall days when every single minivan in town is shipping a load of kids and a bucket of orange slices to one of the hundreds of soccer fields. Other times, like when we have soccer times just die on the vine because no one gives a damn you think, wait aren’t we supposed to be some kind of an oasis in the universal malaise of soccer that shrouds the vast majority of the United States? [Read More]