Don’t Walk on the Poplar Street Bridge

Early Sunday morning a drunk driving a Mustang hit a St. Louis PD car, drove past the officer that was trying to stop him and then proceeded east on to the Poplar Street Bridge where it swerved, hitting two pedestrians, sending one to the hospital and knocking the other off the bridge to his death. Horrible way to die.

We would avoid any and all walking on the Poplar Street Bridge, especially going east-bound but that’s just us. There’s nothing over there, but Illinois! No joke. If you keep walking you’d eventually hit a Chili’s, but there isn’t a Fajita Trio big enough to get me to walk that far and dodge that many drunken illegal Mexicans.

Oh, did we mention that the guy in the Mustang was an illegal mexican?

He was.

The driver of the Mustang was then stopped on Route 3 in East St. Louis. Police say the driver and his passenger appeared to be intoxicated. Neither person could speak English, so an interpreter was called in.

The driver, 26 year old Brandon Oggun Garcia, admitted to police he was in the United States illegally. His passenger is identified as 31-year old Alfredo Amelco Arand.

Nicely done on keeping a low profile after sneaking in the country. Garcia might not be aware of this, but drunkenness and fast cars don’t mix…oh wait! Is that way Mexicans are always slowly riding around on donkeys?! Well, we don’t have a lot of donkeys around these parts, but since you’re already headed to Illinois, this might be a great way to recycle the old strippers.

Note that the bridge was closed for a short time on Sunday to clean up the accident, and to allow Mayor Slay to double check the measurements to make sure the murder was over the line in to Illinois, maybe redraw a few chalk outlines. It will be open by Monday’s rush hour.

via KMOX