Quick, Everyone Get Back on the Cardinals Bandwagon

Two weeks ago the Cardinals bandwagon was a pretty empty place. Tony LaRussa was on there, and the whole Fox Sports Midwest staff are contractually obligated to stay on there and make cheery promos to be run immediately after any blow-out loss by the Cardinals, but other than that there wasn’t much going on. Pujols even asked if he could use the extra bandwagon space in the off-season because he might have some moving that needs to be done.

Cut to a week ago, and the bandwagon’s full again. Really full. Like April full. The team was in the midst of a win streak, the Braves had just begun to tank away their season and things were looking up for the no-luck Cardinals. Hell, Pujols even stopped trying on other team’s jerseys in front of his locker mirror before the games. Everyone was riding high!

…and then the Cardinals lost two games. Every body back off the bandwagon! Take it slow, share the rope ladder. Hey, someone left their jacket! It’s light blue nylon with the elastic cuffs and says something in that puffy cursive that no one can read but everyone puts on jackets…someone from the fashion time vortex of South County we’re guessing?! Seriously. You’re going to think someone stole this jacket, but we want to assure you that it wasn’t. No one wants this ugly jacket everyone else stopped making a wearing over 25 years ago.

Oh wait, the Cardinals just won two games and the Braves lost again. Everyone back on the bandwagon! Judging by the picture above Frucal’s “hand-job excited”, so that’s good. Keeps everyone loose. Hurry though! We may only have about 24 until we need to get back off again.

Hey look! Here’s my McCluer North JV soccer jacket!

Figures. At least put it back on so you won’t forget it again. *sigh* …nope, you chose the option to tie it around your waist. That works too we guess.

Image Credit: STLToday