This Year’s Best Drunk Mardi Gras You Tube Uploads

This Year’s Best Drunk Mardi Gras You Tube Uploads

It’s the day after a Mardi Gras weekend, and in accordance with our time-honored tradition (see last year’s: “The Best Of Mardi Gras Videos“) we bring you the best of what the drunks uploaded to You Tube:

_[Editor’s Note: Unless there’s something we missed, none of the below videos have any nudity, but some do have cussing and weird stuff. It’s not really NSFW, but use headphones and make sure “creepy Steve” from Finance isn’t looking over your shoulder (again).] _

#4 Drunk People + Journey = Horrible But Enthusiastic Group Singing

Nothing brings people together like beer and Journey. The answer to world peace is sitting right here in front of us! Quick, someone that speaks Arabic get working on a “Don’t Stop Believin” cover immediately!

#3 Multiple Stumbling Santas…For Some Reason

Catholic holidays are confusing so who can say witch one Santa can and can’t be at? If he wants to show up at an unseasonably warm Lent, he should go for it. F*ck the Easter Bunny.

#2 The Token Drunk Guy Talking Sh*t and Would Totally Get His Ass Kicked If He Actually Started a Fight

The irony of this video is the same guys laughing at the angry drunk guy became the very thing they mocked six drinks later.

#1 Impromptu Group Pole Dancing

Cannot unsee.