The Best of Mardi Gras Videos

Mardi Gras weekend is in the books for another year, and whether you abstained from this year festivities or partook, but don’t remember, it’s ok, because cell phones and YouTube are here to help! Here a few of our favorite YouTube uploads from Mardi Gras weekend:

#3: The classic drunk girl that “needs” to get to a far away bar with her passed out friend

Don’t give them a ride! One, you know that passed out friend will puke the minute her ass hits your back seat and two, she “needs” to go to that bar to meet a guy…it’s always a guy…so that theory you’re working with right now where she gets there and is so grateful she touches your wiener, will not happen. We repeat: It will not happen.

#2: The inevitable dance off

You get enough people together and supply booze, costumes and feather boas and the chances of a dance off reach 100%, but being in Missouri, the chances of the dancers being any good, drops to around 6%. Good dancers, don’t do dance offs…only the weak ones that think they are great do. Thankfully, someone caught one on video, and it’s lameness didn’t disappoint.

They’re just lucky we weren’t there, we would have killed them. However, our dance offs always start late because we have to go around telling chicks that don’t want to be carrying our baby soon to back up. It’s not because we’re so good at dancing we might get your preggers…that’s ridiculous…it’s just that when we dance there ends up being a large amounts of seaman sprayed around. It’s the magic of the dance.

#1: Falling straight backwards is always funny

No one falls straight back. You see people fall forward, or to the side, but the straight back fall is a rarity and that’s probably why it’s so damn funny. The video’s a little hard to see, but seeing this unicorn of a fall really puts a bow on the whole weekend.