Guy Breaks in to Ritz Carlton Room to Molest 9 Year-Old

Tricking a fancy hotel front desk person and kicking down doors are kinds of determination you really don’t see much of these days, which is too bad in a way, but in this particular way, it’s horrifyingly insane as it relates to a Pennsylvania man’s plan to break in to the room of a 9 year-old girl to cop a feel.

Clayton Police say Daniel Hughes, 42, of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania approached the the front desk around 4:00 a.m. Sunday and told the clerk he was staying in a specific room but that his room key wasn’t working.

The clerk issued him a duplicate key to the room he asked for.  The room he then had access to was occupied by a St. Louis family with no connection to Hughes.

You always see that play in the movies, but you think, nah, that wouldn’t really work…but here we sit, seconds after reading a block quote that says different.

Police say Hughes tried to enter the to the suite but the door was chained so he forced his way in and entered a bedroom occupied by a 9-year old girl and her two friends.

This guy is a one-man hotel security wrecking crew. Not only did he prove how easy it was to get a key to a room that wasn’t his, but then also destroyed the whole notion of “Well, I guess I’ll flip the chain thing closed too. Can’t be too safe!” Apparently you might as well have a screen door on the front of your Ritz Carlton suite.

Investigators say he molested the 9-year old. Her parents were in a separate bedroom. The girl eventually alerted them and they chased Hughes from the room.  Clayton Police arrested Hughes a short time later.

It feels like we say this at least once a day, but jesus, what the hell is this man? Steal a room key and kick in a door so you can get at a 9 year-old? Even Michael Jackson at least had the courtesy to invite the kids over for a roller coaster ride, this guy’s just busting in like a perverted SWAT team.

There has to be more to this story, but for now, Hughes is in county jail with a quater of a million bond, the front desk clerk at the Ritz Carlton has since resigned, and in another story about people going crazy over nine year-old meat, we drove past a Taco Bell today and the drive through line was really long. You people make us sick…you and the pervert.

via KSDK