Well the Ladue Middle School Sure Sounds Fun

The police are all over Ladue Middle School after it was found that an underage female student was involved in a sexual conversation and exchanged pictures with an adult man on the school’s computers…during school hours. According to school officials, while the student was in class, a technology staff member noticed something strange going on with one of the school’s computers. The employee went over to the computer in question and saw video from a chat room of a middle-aged man exposing himself to the student and masturbating. [Read More]

The Fort Zumwalt East Junior Varsity Football Team Needs to Take a Moment and Think About What They Did

Sorry for disappearing for a couple of days, but don’t go off and be a stripper just yet, daddy’s back. Give us a hug! (Hug your monitor. Don’t leave us hanging.) High school is a weird place where the acne-addled hive-mind will occasionally decide something is cool despite that fact that no, it is not…actually it’s way past not cool, like 5 exits past not cool, and it’s getting a fountain soda at the gas station off of WTF Road. [Read More]

Old Timey Gossip Columnist Jerry Berger Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Jerry Berger’s been around for forever, talkin’ that old timey gossip around these parts. Stuff like this… Super Bowl XLVII, the biggest concert gig in the world, will feature **Beyonce **on Feb. 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. **Madonna **performed in last year’s halftime show. Huge news! Can’t get that anywhere else but BergersBeat.com! …and… The Shane Co. jewelers is eyeing the old Flotken’s Market space on the north side of Olive Boulevard just east of Warson Road in Olivette. [Read More]

Clayon Police Are Looking For a Serial Groper

There’s a “serial groper” on the loose in Clayton, usually operating across the street from the St. Louis County Jail. It’s a perfect plan. Who’s going to believe some broad who’s going to jail? Officers say it’s happened at least three times in recent weeks, mostly on weekend evenings. The man commits the act in a public parking lot, then runs away before his victim has time to react. [Read More]

Man Charged With Showing a Kid His Penis at a Brentwood Home Depot

Christopher Frank, area business man and former board member at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, has been charged with “sexual misconduct involving a child under age 15” after an odd encounter with a child at a Brentwood Home Depot back in November. Police said Frank got on his knees in a restroom stall and showed his genitals to a child in the next stall over. Authorities said Frank then lied down on the floor and watched the boy use the restroom. [Read More]

If You See a Guy On His Porch in Maplewood Who Looks Like He’s Jacking It, He Probably Is

Kenny Gooch was sitting on his front porch in Maplewood one day and while he was watching a few high school girls walk by he decided to whip his junk out and smack it around a little. Who’s gonna know right? You way up on this porch and they’re way over there down two steps and over on the sidewalk 5 feet away. It’s the perfect crime! So perfect he did it twice. [Read More]

St. Charles Police Catch a Predator Dateline Style!

We’re not sure who got to play the Chris Hansen part, but we do know the sting worked as 23 year-old Mohammad Teimoortagh of St. Charles is in custody on Attempted Sexual Trafficking of a Child, Attempted Statutory Rape and several other horrible charges. Though as you can tell by the mugshot, he’s not worried. “Hey yo! Solissatatin’ a minor?! Fagetta ’bout it! It’s one of those tings ya know? I’m horny, yadda yadda yadda, I might have tried to proposition a 14 year old. [Read More]

Pedro Chavez is a Determined Molester

Your parents always told you to never give up on chasing your dreams, and while that’s a nice thought, applying that has a blanket statement to all dreams isn’t a great idea. Take Pedro Chavez of O’Fallon, MO (right). His dream was to molest a 13 year old girl, and sadly, he didn’t stop chasing it until the police arrived. A man from O’Fallon, Mo., faces felony charges after police said he attempted to molest a thirteen-year-old girl, left her apartment, and then reentered the apartment and tried to molest her again. [Read More]

Guy Confesses to Molestation During a Job Interview with Police, Goes to Jail

So here’s a thing that totally happened: A man was interviewing for a job with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and during the interview process he was asked if he had ever engaged in a sexual crime he could be convicted of. Which is one of those “Do I look stupid? Like I’m going to just say yes to that…to the freaking police!” Oh but he did. …and the funny thing about confessing to child molestation crimes is there aren’t any points for honesty. [Read More]

Ladies Shouldn’t Pee at the Spear Construction Company (Updated)

Updated below with an anonymous response. The owner of the Crestwood construction company is in trouble after it was discovered he had wired up a hidden camera in the ladies room. A woman employee is obviously pretty “pissed” about it, but for any other non-employees: What you’re peeing in a construction company office? How bad did you have to go? How long were you there? Did this guy give everyone a gallon jug of water in the waiting room? [Read More]