Man Charged With Showing a Kid His Penis at a Brentwood Home Depot

Christopher Frank, area business man and former board member at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, has been charged with “sexual misconduct involving a child under age 15” after an odd encounter with a child at a Brentwood Home Depot back in November. Police said Frank got on his knees in a restroom stall and showed his genitals to a child in the next stall over. Authorities said Frank then lied down on the floor and watched the boy use the restroom. [Read More]

Kid Drives Over A Lady Because Jimmy John’s Screwed Up His Order

Look at 19 year-old Willliam Hampel up there. Seems like a nice lad doesn’t he? Up there smiling with his not-quite Justin Bieber-esque hair cut. Well guess what? Under all that hair, half-smiles and ance breaths the soul of a guy that will not stand for any other sandwich other than the one he ordered! Police say 19-year-old William Hampel placed an order at the Jimmy John’s store in the 1200 block of Strassner drive on July 2nd. [Read More]

Sweet Hiding Place Bro

Today’s “How to Live in St. Louis” tip: When you’re going to hang out at a local casino, don’t talk to anyone. They will eventually rob you. Today’s other “How to Live in St. Louis” tip: Install hidden cameras. …ok, one more “How to Live in St. Louis” tip: Living in West County won’t save you. A couple’s Brentwood home was invaded by four men they met the night before at the Lumiere Place casino, but the plan failed and they were arrested while their hiding spot from police, and subsequent take down was recorded by a small semi-hidden camera used to animal tracking. [Read More]