Kid Drives Over A Lady Because Jimmy John’s Screwed Up His Order

Kid Drives Over A Lady Because Jimmy John’s Screwed Up His Order

Look at 19 year-old Willliam Hampel up there. Seems like a nice lad doesn’t he? Up there smiling with his not-quite Justin Bieber-esque hair cut.

Well guess what? Under all that hair, half-smiles and ance breaths the soul of a guy that will not stand for any other sandwich other than the one he ordered!

Police say 19-year-old William Hampel placed an order at the Jimmy John’s store in the 1200 block of Strassner drive on July 2nd.

When the driver delivered the order, Hampel claims he received the wrong sandwich. The employee explained the policy, that they would refund the money or give him a new sandwich, but Hampel refused to give back the order. The driver left.

That wasn’t the crazy part. Sure it’s a little crazy, maybe you might even just consider that weird or cranky. The crazy is coming though. Get ready! The crazy starts…now!

Police say around 12:10am, Hampel returned to the Jimmy John’s and caused a disturbance inside the store. Court documents say that Hampel cursed and threatened the employees and then grabbed a large bag of trash from outside the business and tossed it inside. An employee contacted police, and she and another employee followed the suspect out of the store to try and get his license number.

That is when police say Hampel drove at one of the employees and hit her, causing serious physical injuries.


What kind of sandwich was Mr. Hampel expecting? A good sandwich? Well you’re out of luck buddy, because you called Jimmy John’s. If he would have just expected the usual Jimmy John’s mayo and lettuce sandwich then this could have all been avoided. Granted when your this unstable, throwing trash, threatening people, and then trying to kill them with your car is the appropriate “Oh, excuse me. I think I actually ordered the #6.” response. But, why get a sandwich delivered if you have time to drive over there anyway to flip out? How did he manage to clear up his busy crazy person schedule so quickly? He must have pushed back his “Sit in baby pool filled with own urine” meeting until 3pm because usually crazies like to have their mornings filled with “Yell at small animals” and do something gross, followed by a short lunch and then spend the late afternoon impatiently waiting in line at a South County Lowes while making overtly racist comments about the cashier to the person behind them. As you can see, sandwich delivery is essential to keeping that “bat shit crazy” schedule intact…as long as they get the order right!

Can you imagine what would have gone down if we would have tried this with Subway?! …he would probably have ended up doing the exact same thing, only he would contracted some pretty some serious diarrhea. At least that would explain his hurry out of the parking lot.

via KSDK and our tipster who would never flip out over a sandwich !