The Public is a Little Less Safe Tonight Because the Director of Public Safety Got Burglarized

The car of Jerry Lee, the Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety, was robbed burglarized Sunday morning in Forest Park, netting the thieve one gun, two Department of Public Safety badges and a GPS unit.

It’s the GPS unit that really scares us. Everyone in St. Louis has a gun, but this guy’s got a gun and a map. He’ll find whoever he wants to find.

Lee, 64, was parked at the Art Museum between 9:45 and 10:45 a.m. Sunday when the theft occured, police said.

No other vehicles were targeted by the thief or thieves, said department spokesman David Marzullo.

Lee’s belongings were stored inside a duffel bag inside the car, which also is missing.

You’d think keeping your belongings out of view while parked at the Art Museum at 10am on a Sunday, would keep you out of the high-risk car theft numbers, but you’d be wrong because this is St. Louis and if you’re not dead the city’s crime infestation is slowly hunting you down. That’s actually our new tourism campaign. It seems like a horrible way to go, but we’ve been told honesty is the best policy, so we’re conflicted. Here’s a few others:

“St. Louis: Yeah, It Turns Out We Do Have Director of Public Safety But He Says He’s Not Coming Back”

“St. Louis: Bring Two Wallets.”

“St. Louis: We’ve Got Lots of Food Trucks and a Few of Them Will Stop and Serve Food When It Looks Safe”

“St. Louis: Look, We Both Know You Aren’t Coming Here, So Just Buy a Shirt and We’ll Say We Remember You.”

via STLToday