Guy Records Himself Flushing Each Toilet in SLU’s Ritter Hall

Guy Records Himself Flushing Each Toilet in SLU’s Ritter Hall

Close ups of the label, slow pans from the top to the bottom, long shots of him reaching over to flush and then waiting until it completes before walking over to the next stall to start the process all over again. No words. No edits. Just 2 minutes and 55 seconds of a guy, his camera, and his love for crappers.

We present to you **“Bathroom Tour: Ritter Hall St. Louis University American Standard Toilets and Urinal” **in all of it’s weird internet glory:

He finally conveys his final review of the Ritter Hall bathroom in the description of the video:

I like this bathroom but I don’t care for the washbrook.

Who is this guy? We don’t know, but we do know his YouTube account name is “Commodes” (naturally) and  he has done this before…lots of times (168 times as of this writing to be exact). Why does he like toilets so much? We may never know, but we’re guessing he likes them enough that he’s probably has about 100 at his house, but still poops in a mason jar out of respect.

The only glimpse of his face is the blurry figure in the reflection of the paper towel dispenser…just before he cranks a few paper towels out of it for no particular reason:

He will remain nothing more than an enigma, alone in a bathroom flushing un-peed-in toilets, which is probably the best place for him. Thanks for visiting (or being from?) St. Louis buddy, this is the perfect kind of weird for a mid-day Friday post!