SLU Basketball Coach Rick Majerus Died

The former — he just officially left the post a few weeks ago before the current season began to deal with his health issues — St. Louis University basketball, Rick Majerus died. He only 64, but with a body like that “only 64” turns in to “somehow made it to 64” pretty quick. Majerus amassed a career record of 517-215, taking Ball State, Utah and Saint Louis to the NCAA tournament a total of 11 times and leading the 1998 Utes on an improbable run to the national title game. [Read More]

Trouble At SLU: Law School Dean Leaves With Middle Fingers in the Air

There’s trouble in midtown these days as in-fighting between the St. Louis University president, Fr. Lawrence Biondi, and the now former dean of the SLU Law School, Annette Clark, became very public yesterday. Credit to NextSTL for digging up the dirt and posting all the letters online. Great scoop! Here’s how this is going to work. We usually don’t cover stuff as fancy as Dean vs Catholic University President fights, but it’s newsworthy all the same, so what we’re going to do is run her resignation letter through the ole Punching Kitty Translatamatron 232273247290300. [Read More]

Guy Records Himself Flushing Each Toilet in SLU’s Ritter Hall

Close ups of the label, slow pans from the top to the bottom, long shots of him reaching over to flush and then waiting until it completes before walking over to the next stall to start the process all over again. No words. No edits. Just 2 minutes and 55 seconds of a guy, his camera, and his love for crappers. We present to you **“Bathroom Tour: Ritter Hall St. Louis University American Standard Toilets and Urinal” **in all of it’s weird internet glory: [Read More]

St. Louis University Wants to Demolish the Pevely Building

Everyone recognizes the old Pevely building just south of downtown on Grand, and it’s fair to say that most would put it up there in the list of “St. Louis City Visual Icons, Not Named ‘The Arch’” along with the Budweiser neon eagle, and that homeless guy with the long beard at Jefferson and 40 who sells pixie stix and possibly eats people. No proof. Just getting a vibe. Oh well, the homeless canibal and the neon eagle aren’t going anywhere, but the Pevely building might be if St. [Read More]

Does SLU Basketball Coach Rick Majerus Poop In Towels?

Deadspin posted a few lovely stories about our big fat basketball coach at St. Louis University, but one just stood out. Here’s an excerpt (emphasis mine): “Rick was always a jerk to the managers. Every season he went out of his ways to never learn their names. They were only referred to as ‘manager’. One day, Rick was drawing up a scout in our team room about 2 hours before tipoff. [Read More]

Bill Nye the Science Guy is Coming to SLU

Bill Nye the Science Guy is Coming to SLU
Washed-up kids science show host and recurring guest “star” on CBS’ drama Numb3rs Bill Nye is coming to speak at St. Louis University at the Busch Student Center building on February 16th. The topic of his talk will be “More with Less: How Saint Louis University Students are Going to Change the World.” See the brilliance of it is putting the school he happens to be at is right in the title of the speech! [Read More]