SLU Basketball Coach Rick Majerus Died

The former — he just officially left the post a few weeks ago before the current season began to deal with his health issues — St. Louis University basketball, Rick Majerus died. He only 64, but with a body like that “only 64” turns in to “somehow made it to 64” pretty quick. Majerus amassed a career record of 517-215, taking Ball State, Utah and Saint Louis to the NCAA tournament a total of 11 times and leading the 1998 Utes on an improbable run to the national title game. [Read More]

Saint Louis University is Out of March Madness, but it’s Not Because Their Band Didn’t Have Spirit

We’ve got spirit yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how about…this SLU band girl ESPN photographed last week?! We were going to say “Judging by those glasses and the face paint, that flute is the only thing she’ll be blowing until 15 years from now when some EMT that digs her out from under her pile of cats a gives her a little pity throw.” …but then we noticed the fully face-painted sax guy in the background. [Read More]

Is the Bang Bus Coming to Town? No. Just Basketball Fans

March has been here a while, but only after last Sunday did college basketball fans really start to feel like its here as the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is about to begin. This is especially true for our little town as once again we get to host a large chunk of said tournament and according to one CBS analyst, its going to be just like…the Bang Bus pornos?! For those unfamiliar with the Bang Bus series, here is how Wikipedia describes it: [Read More]

Does SLU Basketball Coach Rick Majerus Poop In Towels?

Deadspin posted a few lovely stories about our big fat basketball coach at St. Louis University, but one just stood out. Here’s an excerpt (emphasis mine): “Rick was always a jerk to the managers. Every season he went out of his ways to never learn their names. They were only referred to as ‘manager’. One day, Rick was drawing up a scout in our team room about 2 hours before tipoff. [Read More]