Is the Bang Bus Coming to Town? No. Just Basketball Fans

March has been here a while, but only after last Sunday did college basketball fans really start to feel like its here as the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is about to begin. This is especially true for our little town as once again we get to host a large chunk of said tournament and according to one CBS analyst, its going to be just like…the Bang Bus pornos?!

For those unfamiliar with the Bang Bus series, here is how Wikipedia describes it:

Each video consists of a typical everywoman who is “picked up on the street,” and is then persuaded to engage in sexual intercourse with men in the back of a van (usually while it’s driving) – the titular Bang Bus. Each storyline usually ends with the woman being dropped off naked, unpaid and in the wrong location, shouting at the men as they drive off laughing. The series is shot primarily in Miami, Florida.

That’s coming to town!? Please be true…please be true…please be true…

Judging by Jim Natz’s reaction, no, its not true.

What the hell was he trying to say there?  …and of all things to say.  I mean, don’t get us wrong, we would love so see a little Bang Bus action in the ‘Lou as much as anyone, but we just don’t exactly equate that particular kind of action with college basketball or St. Louis.  I mean I see that kind of action all the time, but it generally involves a shorter bus with a lift in the back and a lot more screaming than the traditional Bang Bus fare.