John Gadson isn’t Very Good at Reporting Stuff

Update: Fox2’s Charlie Marlow wasn’t happy about this post because John Gadson had a brain tumor that caused these symptoms, which was unknown at the time. Marlow sent us a lovely note about it. We disagree on its level of hypocrisy. Obviously we wish John the best in his battle with cancer.

Original post follows…

According to local news station KTVI, Fox 2 John Gadson has been a reporter there for 10 years which is surprising since I’ve  never seen him before until this report crossed our desk. We’re starting to understand why, and so will you if you watch the video of his latest “reporting” below.

Wait. Was this about a juvenile?  I couldn’t tell if it was about a juvenile because Gadson didn’t say juvenile enough so it was tough to tell if this report was about a juvenile. Juvenile.

Something tells me that if the cameraman panned back a bit you’d find Gadson wasn’t wearing any pants…or maybe he had to bottom half of a chicken costume on. We are happy to see the man he interviewed played along and pretended he was actually involved by making up some crap about the lady “fussing and hollering”.  After this report, Gadson probably curled up on the ground under a cardboard box and when they went back to him for an update, he was taking a crap behind one of the wrecked cars.

Please tell me that this is some sort of awesome joke and the Fox 2 camera man bet Gadson $20 to do a report with his best Bill Cosby impression. I half expected Gadson to tell me how the juvenile drove his car in to a “glass, plate glass door” and then turn around and tell me to try a pudding pop. (Gadson shown below holding a pudding pop.)

Also note that at some point you can hear Tom O’neil back at the studio about to lose his shit watching amateur hour which makes me like Tom O’neil a little more than before, which is to say I now remember who Tom O’neil is.

via KTVI