We Got Fanmail From Fox2’s Charlie Marlow Last Night!

We love fanmail around here and there is no organization that sends better fanmail than your local Fox affilate, channel 2 on your sets and 1 in your hearts, Fox2! I believe you all recall when Fox2’s Charles Jaco sent a letter of appreciation our way last December: “We Got a Letter From Charles Jaco Last Night!” We remember it like it was yesterday. It was folded in to the shape of a swan and it smelled like bubblegum! [Read More]

John Gadson isn’t Very Good at Reporting Stuff

Update: Fox2’s Charlie Marlow wasn’t happy about this post because John Gadson had a brain tumor that caused these symptoms, which was unknown at the time. Marlow sent us a lovely note about it. We disagree on its level of hypocrisy. Obviously we wish John the best in his battle with cancer. Original post follows… According to local news station KTVI, Fox 2 John Gadson has been a reporter there for 10 years which is surprising since I’ve never seen him before until this report crossed our desk. [Read More]