We Got Fanmail From Fox2’s Charlie Marlow Last Night!

We love fanmail around here and there is no organization that sends better fanmail than your local Fox affilate, channel 2 on your sets and 1 in your hearts, Fox2!

I believe you all recall when Fox2’s Charles Jaco sent a letter of appreciation our way last December: “We Got a Letter From Charles Jaco Last Night!” We remember it like it was yesterday. It was folded in to the shape of a swan and it smelled like bubblegum!

Then last night we were excited to see an email in our inbox from Charlie Marlow, also of Fox2! Was he returning our letters written lovingly each weekend and sealed with a kiss? No, he wasn’t. In fact, not only did he fail to mention them entirely, he also denied our request for a locket of hair! I guess John Auble’s hair will have to be keep being glued to our inflatable local news guy for the time being. Oh well.

Let’s get to that letter shall we? We better run it through the translate-o-tron 5000 first and then after we’ll respond to Charlie’s thoughts.


This is cool texting guy way of saying To Whom It May Conern. Golly gosh he’s polite! …but you know, he’s polite but hip. Ladies eat this shit up!

A short while ago I was told about your website’s posting of a picture of me flipping off a cameraman.

Hmm. Charlie Marlow flicking off the camera…hmmm…we had a photo of that? ….

Found it!

That it Chuckles?

Now, why a number 4 sports guy in St. Louis jokingly flipping off a friend of his at an insidestl.com event (that I wasn’t working) is newsworthy,

Maybe you don’t understand Chuckie. Hell no it wasn’t “newsworthy”, neither is this letter  you sent, it is kinda funny though. Also, #4 seems a little high…could have sworn an intern got on the air once.

…is unbeknownst to me, but then again, I don’t run a crappy local gossip website that nobody’s heard of, like you guys do.

“I’m saying it didn’t get to me but it so did.”

I think its worth pointing out that Charles here has heard about it. So that’s one! Maybe in a year from now we’ll get a letter from Martin Kilcoyne, thus completing our life’s goal.

But, that’s not why I’m writing … I really couldn’t care less about the picture.

“I care so much about the picture I’ve spent half this email, that is supposed to be about someone else’s plight, talking about me.”

I’m writing because I also saw your posting about John Gadson

He’s referring to this: “John Gadson isn’t Very Good at Reporting Stuff” from March of this year.

… and I just wanted to let you know that that was John’s last on-air appearance before going to the hospital for a brain tumor that could have killed him. He hasn’t been on-air or at work in the last 6 months and is in recovery.

“Oh yeah, this email wasn’t supposed to be about me.”

Just thought your classy website would like to know that!

“Take that blogger! Man I’m such a good person.”

But, I’m sure, as the good “journalists” you are … you already did.

“You’re on the internet so you are a dumb. I’m on weekend television! That’s right weekend television, when everyone is home and still no one watches!”

It’s noble work that you do!

Oh my god! That is so nice of you Chaz! You know, you write post after post after post and you never hear a thank you until something like this comes along and…oh I get it. Damn you sarcasm and your intricacies! One day we will master you!


“If I close ‘sincerely’ I’ll look so polite! Wait, is there a texting acronym for ‘sincerely’? Screw it. I’ll just go old skool.”

Charlie Marlow



Ok Chuckie, here’s your response:

Yes, in fact we did hear a few months after that post that Mr. Gadson had surgery because of the symptoms displayed in the story we mocked him in, and if you would have done some “journalism” yourself and simply scrolled down a bit, you would have seen a comment from a reader stating that fact. Of course we hope nothing but the best for John in his hopefully successful recovery.

However, if your “goal” was for us to take the story down, that will not happen. Though, once again, we wish nothing but the best for Mr. Gadson, we don’t feel bad about the story. Here’s why:

1. The fact that he had surgery was noted by our commenter and we felt that it was clear and enough of a notice for a post seven months old, though to be fair, it wasn’t enough for you. It’s clearly enough for everyone else though, and we even are even taking it a step farther by posting your fanmail which we could have simply ignored.

2. It was funny. Yeah dude, it was funny. No one knew he had a problem and when someone goes up that and drops that on TV, it’s funny and that’s what we cover here.

A little mean? Sure, but all the best humor is. If there’s no edge, you get the last four seasons of Friends, which sucked. Doesn’t mean we don’t like the guy, just means that he did some funny crap. It sucks that the reason was because he was sick, but there’s always a reason behind weird stuff like that last piece of his. You telling me you only laugh at stuff after you take the time to research the whole backstory? We know you moonlight on KFNS in the mornings and have heard you guys make fun of weird callers. It’s funny! ..but, and I don’t want to alarm you Chas, some of those people can’t help it either. [Editor’s Note: This is when you should turn off the lights in your room and play Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” Don’t want to be bossy, but it would really set the stage right about now.]

Does it sting more when you or someone  you know is the target? Of course! But tomorrow is a new day and we move on to someone else. It’s not as though we did a daily feature on Gadson. We covered one odd local news shot and then moved on. Frankly if anyone can’t get over this thing it’s you. No one is attacking anyone, it was a post in freaking March (That’s for reading our back issues though!) that we never mentioned again.

Dig that 7-month old tampon out of there Charlita and lets move on! We have. What’s your address? You want some Punching Kitty stickers?

Thanks as always for reading and lastly, good luck to John Gadson!